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Contixo F24 Pro vs Ruko F11 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Contixo F24 Pro vs Ruko F11, which is the better one? If photography is a part of your life whether professional or not, a drone must be a device to have. It is very interesting since so many drone products are widely available out there. But at the same time, it is also really confusing to choose the best one among them.

In terms of performance, Contixo F24 Pro and Ruko F11 are great enough. They may not be the best among drone products but they are worth buying. Moreover, those drones are equipped with many features to make taking pictures and videos more interesting. Sure, the results are stunning also.

Contixo F24 Pro Review

Contixo F24 Pro is a high-quality drone with many smart features. It is also good-looking with a simple but elegant design. The product is minimalist with black color. You can even make it more compact by folding its wings and the put it into the case. Sure, the product from Contixo becomes more practical to carry around.

Contixo F24 Pro Features

The main reason why Contixo F24 has good performance is because of the WiFi Camera in it. The camera features a 120° FOC lens for a broader view. Besides, some tools available are the 90° Vertical Adjustable for the 4K Ultra HD Picture Quality. Recording videos is also getting better with the 2.7 K video camera for more clarity, contrast, and vivid color.

You can also take more pictures and videos with a more durable battery. It lasts up to minutes per charge. You can activate the fast charging feature to fill up the battery only in around 3.5 hours. To know whether the percentage of the battery when the drone is used, Contixo F24 Pro provides LED lights also. Another unique feature of the Contixo drone is the 3D view Mode. The Mode enables you to see the real-time live video. To capture the 3D video, you only need to put your phone in VR glasses. Well, the VR glasses are not included in the package, however. After activating the mode, a 3D video is simply made.

The next feature that makes Contixo F24 Pro worth buying is gesture control. It means you can make some actions with the drone by using body gestures. For example, make a “Yeah” gesture to let the camera take a photo. Besides, make a “Palm” gesture to record videos. This hand-free feature is very helpful for selfies. Sure, if you need to bring things on hand, taking pictures or videos is no longer difficult.

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Contixo F24 Pro Pros

  • Stylish and compact design
  • The battery works longer up to 30 minutes
  • High-quality photo and video results
  • The 3D View Mode
  • The gesture control
  • No spare battery
  • Sometimes, the video made freezes even before the drone has been on the ground

Ruko F11 Review

Ruko F11 is the next drone product with many great features for easier and more interesting captures. A little bit different from Contixo F24 Pro that has a simple design, Ruko F11 is more complex with some details. But in terms of the performance and features, both are quite similar to each other. So, the specs and features of the product are as follows.

Ruko F11 Features

Ruko F11 is made to be very easy to use and set up. It is also flexible to carry around as the drone is foldable with a carrying case that is well-fit for it. Meanwhile, the drone features a 4K HD resolution that makes the photo and video results clearer and sharper. The next great thing in Ruko F11 is its GPS feature. The GPS is very strong and accurate. Besides, the product is also designed to be very resistant to the wind with its air pressure function. The feature makes the drone very stable. Controlling is much easier this way.

Almost all drone products currently have a path maker but not all of them work well. Interestingly, Ruko F11 is one of the drones that provide a high-quality path maker. The feature is namely Tap Fly. To use it, draw a route on the app screen and set points on the map with a maximum of 16. Next, activate the feature as the drone will automatically follow the path you have made. Sure, you can customize it as you want or change the direction in case the path is just not right.

The GPS function of the product also works perfectly for the auto-return home feature. In certain conditions, it activates by the drone itself without you must set it up. For example, it is when the battery is low. In addition, the product features gesture shooting which means you can take pictures or videos even without holding. You can use it for selfies anyway.

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Ruko F11 Pros and Cons

  • Accurate GPS
  • The effective auto-return home feature
  • The Tap Fly feature that works well
  • Great photo and video results
  • The drone is very stable when it is operated
  • Too many details, a simple-designed one looks better
  • The gesture shooting feature sometimes doesn’t work well, it also often takes a long time

Difference between Contixo F24 Pro and Ruko F11?

Contixo F24 Pro and Ruko F11 are generally at the same level. Both are great drones with nice features. Some features are even the same such as the battery that lasts for 30 minutes. But some things make those drones different. The design is very different in which Contixo F24 Pro looks simple while Ruko F11 has more details.

Those 2 drones can produce great photos and videos but in different ways. Contixo F24 Pro is better in terms of gesture shooting. You can do it more precisely with this product with better results. While the gesture feature doesn’t good in Ruko F11, the product has a better and more accurate GPS.

Which is Better, Contixo F24 Pro or Ruko F11?

It is quite difficult to decide which better is between the 2 products. Each of them has its pros and cons. A benefit in one product is the lack of another one and vice versa. But if you must choose, it feels like Contixo F24 Pro is slightly better.


The lack of the product compared with Ruko F11 is only around the GPS. But it doesn’t mean that the GPS in Contixo is not working at all, it is just less accurate. On the other hand, you need to work harder to take photos or videos using the gesture feature in Ruko F11, something which is easy in Contixo F24 Pro. In addition, the design of the Contixo drone is better, it is a personal opinion for sure.