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Canon SELPHY CP1300 vs Canon SELPHY CP1200 Review Comparison

Printing a photo is not as difficult as before. We don’t need to go to photoshop to write the critical photo that we need. Having a photo printer will be great. You can buy printers and even compare Canon SELPHY CP1300 vs. CP1200 to get the best solution.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Review

Most people like to take a picture of their best moment and even print those photos often. Canon SELPHY CP1300 will offer the long lifespan of your photo up to 100 years of great quality. Then, your children can also see the pictures which have been taken for some years before.

The photo result from Canon SELPHY CP1300 is also water-resistant. People don’t need to be too worried if their child drops the milk accidentally through those photos. The water will not cause any damage to the picture which has been printed.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 is created with a great sleek design. It is also kind of a portable printer which is not too heavy to be carried wherever we want. It has an optional battery which can ease the user to print the pictures everywhere. People can put it inside the bag.

Canon SELPHY CP1300 is featured with the small 3,2 inch LCD Screen which improves the quality. People can be eased to choose, edit, and even print the photos directly from that printer. They don’t need to open any laptop or computer when they want to print. People only need to choose the correct pictures from the screen which is provided.

It offers simple connectivity for all of the users who want to print with Canon SELPHY CP1300. Only through Canon Print Application, people can connect their smartphone, tablet, memory card, and even USB to their printer. They can freely choose the pictures without moving the files into the printer first.

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Canon SELPHY CP1200 Review

As a comparison, people can also see the spectacular photo printer, which is Canon SELPHY CP1200. Wi-Fi support has increased the features of Canon SELPHY CP1200. People can directly print the pictures just by connecting to the wireless connection.

Canon SELPHY CP1200 uses the combination of the paper kit and the special selphy ink. The amount of those things has been calculated correctly, so people don’t need to worry about the lack and even over of ink or even paper. It is set to print 18 pictures, 36 pictures, and yet 54 photos. People can choose the package.

People can easily print their favorite photos which they have saved on some social media, such as Facebook and even Instagram. They can print those photos directly from the tablet and smartphone, which is connected to the Canon Print selphy application. It also supports AirPrint in which the user can print the photos from the iPad and iPhone.

People can enjoy compact and portable printing from Canon SELPHY CP1200. It is featured with an optional battery which is eases to be carried. The battery has an extended lifespan in which only by a single charge, people can print up to 54 photos. So, people don’t need to charge the battery in a short time.

Canon SELPHY CP1200 is available for various sizes of paper. It can print the card size, L size, Postcard, and even the Square Label. The beautiful moment can be printed well and marvelously through it into different kinds of formats.

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So, these are all about the comparison between Canon SELPHY CP13OO vs. Canon SELPHY CP1200. People can see the details features, specifications, and reviews about those products. Both of them have their characteristics, which might be ideal to fulfill the user’s needs about the photo printer with the higher quality.

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