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Canon PIXMA TS9020 vs Canon PIXMA TS9120 Comparison

Many people need more specifications for their new needs. Most of the officers, businessmen and even students the printer which has many usages and the one which offers natural and straightforward usage. The products of Canon PIXMA TS9020 vs. TS9120 can be great choices for your printing needs.

Canon PIXMA TS9020 Review

Canon PIXMA TS9020 has a simple and attractive design that is easy to be used. There are two available colors that can increase the style. The stylish colors which are offered are white and red. People can get great quality, which is resulted by Canon PIXMA TS9020.

Canon PIXMA TS9020 is featured with different filters which can help to make the photograph result more stunning. It has six ink systems that work well to create a high-quality photo at high speed. People don’t need to wait too long for taking then printing pictures which are delivered.

The excellent wi-fi connectivity is also one of the advantages of Canon PIXMA TS9020. People can connect their printers and devices through wi-fi connectivity. It eases the users to access the printer from anywhere they want just by connecting the wireless. People can easily print documents and pictures from their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

This Printer has a 5’’ touch LCD screen which increases the style from Canon PIXMA TS9020. People can only reach the LCD screen to ease the printer process, control the printer, and even edit the photos which are going to be printed. They can even also print the images directly from the SD card of a camera.

Despite the function as a printer, Canon PIXMA TS9020 is featured with the scan and copy LCD screen. People not only print the documents, but they can also copy the text and even scan the materials that they want to keep.

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Canon PIXMA TS9120 Review

Canon PIXMA TS9120 has featured a compact design which always makes the printer looks so sharp and elegant.

This printer has a 5’’ touch LCD screen which can help people to operate Canon PIXMA TS9120 in doing any job which is needed. So, older users don’t need to be too worried about working its device. They can easily see the touchscreen symbol, which can easily touch. It is available in gray, red and gold colors.

Canon PIXMA TS9120 features six individual ink systems to create the creative printing result and even the stunning pictures which offer the excellent quality result. People don’t need to worry about its speed too. It can satisfy the users with both the printing result and the fast pace in delivering the result.

People are offered the easiness to access Canon PIXMA TS9120 through wifi connectivity. People can easily connect their devices, smartphone, and tablet through a wireless connection to print their documents. They can also easily print pictures from social media, the cloud, and any other thing from the Bluetooth connection. It offers the benefit of Bluetooth printing too.

Canon PIXMA TS9120 is in one printer which offers exclusive features. People can easily print documents, pictures, and photos. They can also scan the old texts, the damaged files, and even the old photograph using Canon PIXMA TS9120.

This printer can also be used only to copy the documents. It was filled with the remainder of the document removal. It will give the signals to remove the materials.

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So, Canon PIXMA TS9020 vs. Canon PIXMA TS9120 has its characteristics and individual specifications. They almost have the same functions as an all-in-one printer for scanning, printing, and copying. Both printers can be used through wireless connectivity too. But, the body design and the colors might be different.

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