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Canon Pixma TS8320 vs Canon Pixma TR7520 Review: Pros and Cons

The Pixma printer series of Canon has been around in the marketplace for a long time. This line of printers from Canon is designed to meet the needs of home printing. In terms of the Canon Pixma TS8320 vs Canon PIXMA TR7520 matchup, which one is the best?

Canon Pixma TS8320 Review


The design of this printer is remarkably unique to come out from Canon. It incorporates the shape of a rectangular box which is pretty rare for Canon to do that. The dimension of this printer is 14.7 x 12.6 x 5.6 inches that are perfect for home use as it is supposed to be.


This printer from Canon is an all-in-one home printer that offers a set of 4 functions. It means that this printer supports the fax service. The fact that it runs on a set of 6 individual tanks is among the things to look at upon comparing Canon Pixma TS8320 vs Canon PIXMA TR7520. The combination of those tanks ensures the best output of this printer.

There is an LCD touchscreen display which will make it easier to operate it. Furthermore, this printer comes with an auto expandable tray for the output. When the printer is in use, the output tray will open by itself to catch the printing outputs. That is very handy indeed when using this printer alongside mobile devices.

Speed in printing is not exactly the main focus of a home printer like this one. It emphasizes highly the features to enjoy by users. With the use of a set of 6 inks, the quality of the output is considered as an important thing of this printer for home use.

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Canon TS8320 Pros and Cons

  • Default 6 color inks for a decent quality
  • Minimalist looking design
  • Large LCD navigational screen
  • Best connectivity options
  • Only 15ppm for black and 10ppm for color
  • No automatic document feeder

Canon Pixma TR7520 Review


This printer looks beautiful with rounded edges. It can be considered to inherit the classic design of Pixma printers from Canon. The control panel is very simple with a 3” LCD screen in the center. There are 6 buttons on both sides of the screen to operate the printer properly.


Several features of this printer remain pretty standard. The comparison of Canon Pixma TS8320 vs Canon PIXMA TR7520 could eventually be a tight one. It is an all-in-one printer that supports fax as well. Yet, the feature of fax for a home printer seems to be ineffective.

The inkjet system of this printer model is the 5-color individual ink system. That set of inks will greatly improve the printing quality. Thus, do not expect this printer to be able to print fast. It focuses more on quality instead of quantity.

This printer supports the so-called Alexa. The so-called Alexa is additional stuff to perform voice commands in operating or using the printer. To save energy, this printer from Canon supports auto power on/off smartly.

In terms of connectivity, this Canon printer works well to print anything through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cloud. It connects over a wireless connection that makes it very simple to use. There is no need to worry about connecting mobile devices to print anything using this printer from Canon.

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Canon TR7520 Pros and Cons

  • Simple control panel
  • Auto double-sided printing
  • Front and rear support for papers
  • Wireless connection over WiFi
  • Slow printing speed to increase the quality
  • Small capacity of paper to hold

Which is Better, Canon TS8320 or Canon TR7520?

The comparison of Canon Pixma TS8320 vs Canon PIXMA TR7520 is somewhat tight. The Canon Pixma TS8320 is better in the way that it comes with a set of 6 individual ink tanks. More importantly, the design is unique. On the other hand, the Canon PIXMA TR7520 could well be the choice.