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Canon Pixma TS8020 vs Canon Pixma TS9020 Review Comparison

The printer has been one of the standard tools for us to print out our work, whether it is in our office work or at home. Even kids nowadays have to interact with this electronic tool to print out their homework or simply to photocopy some school documents.

In this short article, we will cover the two outstanding printers which are made by the giant electronic Canon.

Canon Pixma TS8020 Review

This is an affordable wireless Inkjet printer that has the standard multifunctional capabilities such as printing, scanning, and copying. The printer has exceptional and innovative design looks that would give the feeling of pride of having it.

The space-saving size of it also makes it easy to be placed anywhere, even in a cramped space. It can be placed above the desk, on the floor, or wherever you would feel right or convenient.

The capabilities of high-quality printing are also one of the Canon Pixma TS8020 proud strengths. It is capable of printing photos, envelopes, documents, color labels, or any other desired paper-sized choices.

Canon Pixma TS8020 also offers a feature that allows the user to connect easily. The user can connect to the printer via a variation of connecting devices such as Wi-Fi, Google Cloud, USB, NFC4, Sd Card Reader 5, and even via the latest Cloud6 is already possible for connection.

For the category of user-friendliness, even children would surely have not many difficulties in using this convenient printing device. The Pixma TS8020 provides an attractive and easy-to-use 4.3” Touch Screen and user-friendly interface. Other than that, the auto expendable output and document removal reminder features make it a trusted device for the users to use.

Regarding the quality of the printing, this excellent quality printer is equipped with a six-color ink system, which would assure the document and photo printed would have superb quality.

Canon Pixma TS8020 also features the front and rear paper feeding option which could support the printing of fine art paper. Therefore fine image quality printing is always guaranteed with this printer.

Canon Pixma TS9020 Review

Canon Pixma TS9020 is an economical Wireless all-in-one Printer with standard printer features such as Scanner and Copier other than the primary purpose of being a printer.

This is a printer with exquisite and modern design looks. With its black and white color design, a simple and elegant feeling is radiating out of this printing device. Place it in an office would make your home or working office looks modern and beautiful in a swift glance.

Other than the good looks, you will find that this printer also offers other competitive features such as the user-friendly 5.0” touchscreen monitor and further enhanced user interface. You do not forget the document removal remainder and the auto expandable output tray which would make it a convenient and practical printing device tool.

This is one of the ease of use printers, which is a perfect choice to have at home. Even the kids would most likely have no difficulties at all in using it without any instruction manuals necessary.

One of the other pride features of this superb printing device tool is connection capability. The Canon Pixma TS9020 allows you to connect to it with many devices such as the built-in Wi-Fi, SD Card Reader, Cloud and Ethernet options, and even the NFC for the compatible smartphone. Therefore you would have no difficulty in placing it anywhere you like in a room also it is far from your working Device.

In regards to the quality, the printer is capable of producing razor-sharp documents, stunning photos, and highly detailed image qualities. Also, with it, the six-color system, onboard creative filters, and its dedicated gray in the tank would make you never have to compromise with the image quality printing result.


Both of the printers possess good quality printing and could be purchased at an affordable cost. With those excellent features implemented in those printing devices, the users would make the expenses worth spending.

Hopefully, with this short article about Canon Pixma TS8020 vs. Canon Pixma TS9020, you would be able to choose your best printing device.

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