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Canon PIXMA TS6320 vs Canon PIXMA TS6220 Review: Pros and Cons

Canon printers have good qualities. For the best options, you can compare Canon PIXMA TS6320 Vs Canon PIXMA TS6220. Many people choose one of them as they have their own pros and cons. Now, let’s see the design and features of each to decide the better one for you.

Canon PIXMA TS6320 Review


The length of the printer is 14.9 inches. The width of the printer is 14.2 inches. The height of this device is 5.6 inches. With these dimensions, it weighs 17 pounds. It comes in black color like the other common printers in the same class.


When it comes to the features, Canon PIXMA TS6320 offers a 1.44 OLED display. This display provides a clear & bright view of information. So, you can operate this printer easily. Besides that, it also features an LED status bar. It lets you view your printer status quickly and easily from across the room. So, you will not forget to turn off your printer before leaving home.

Then, it is also equipped with a 5-individual ink system. With this feature, you can enjoy beautiful print quality. With individual ink tanks, you just need to replace the color of the ink that runs out.

The next key feature is wireless connections. You can print documents wirelessly using the Canon Print App. You can also set it up easily & quickly. Even more, you can print photos or documents right from your tablet or Smartphone.

Dual-paper feeding also belongs to its key features where it lets this printer simultaneously hold plain & photo paper without requiring swapping trays or removing the paper. Another key feature is hands-free & voice-activated printing.

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Canon PIXMA TS6320 Pros and Cons

  • Quality printing
  • Easy configuration
  • Compact size
  • Auto paper width detection
  • Not good for large volume printing
  • No automatic feeder
  • No SD card or USB thumb drive support
  • Small-capacity paper tray

Canon PIXMA TS6220 Review


Based on the design, Canon PIXMA TS6220 belongs to a wireless inkjet all-in-one home printer. It is best used for daily printing. With a simple design, you can operate it easily. The black color makes this printer look cool and elegant. Dimension & weight are ideal for any space.


There are 5 key features you must know. One of them is the Canon Print App. It lets you print and scan your memories from Facebook, Instagram, or other cloud-based platforms. Besides that, Canon PIXMA TS6220 also features the Mopria Print Service. This feature is useful to print photos or documents precisely from your Smartphone device.

Then, there is also comes with AirPrint App. It helps you print documents & photos effortlessly from the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

The next feature is Message in Print. It lets you embed music, animations, and secret messages in your images. EPP Editor also belongs to its best feature. With this feature, you will be able to explore calendars, collages, stickers, etc.

Some other great features are also available. They include Wireless Connect, Touch LCD Screen, and 5-individual ink. Overall, the features are complete and make it convenient for anyone.

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Canon PIXMA TS6220 Pros and Cons

  • Compact design
  • User-friendly
  • Complete features
  • No 12” x 12” paper size
  • No built-in template

Which Is Better, Canon PIXMA TS6320 or TS6220?

Based on the review above, we can see that Canon PIXMA TS6320 offers more pros than Canon PIXMA TS6220. However, Canon PIXMA TS6320 also has some cons. But the cons do not cause significant impacts. Finally, it is your decision to choose the better one for your needs.

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