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Canon PIXMA TS6020 vs Canon PIXMA TS9020 Review Comparison

Nowadays, there are so many types of printers. Canon printer always becomes the choice of many people because the quality is excellent. How about Canon PIXMA TS6020 vs. TS9020? Which is the best between them? You can find the answer by reading some reviews below.

Canon PIXMA TS6020 Review

We have mentioned that Canon always releases suitable printers that can be the choice of many people. One of the Canon printers is Canon PIXMA TS6020.

Canon PIXMA TS6020 is an excellent printer that is not only prints documents or images but can be used for scanning and copying documents or photos. No wonder if Canon PIXMA TS6020 can be the choice of every person.

Canon PIXMA TS6020 will inspire your creativity to print photos or documents because it has five individual ink systems. Five personal ink systems will produce high-quality images that look so clear and detail. The design of PIXMA TS6010 is also good, allow you to operate it efficiently without getting any problems.

Some people may consider some things before buying a printer, for example, is considering connectivity. Using PIXMA TS6020, you don’t have to worry about connectivity. You can easily connect the printer with various devices, such as a tablet, Smartphone, and other devices. So, every document or image can be printed quickly, even if the image comes from social media.

3.0” touch LCD is available to provide easy printing, scanning, and copying process. No wonder if documents and images can be printed easily and fast. Creative filters are available to edit photos or images. Finally, images can be printed better and more spectacularly.

Canon PIXMA TS6020 is not the only printer for people who need a printer. But that is more than it. For people who have a business in photography, the printer will help them. Why? It is because Canon PIXMA TS6020 comes with various filters and tools for cropping images called My Image Garden.

Canon PIXMA TS9020 Review

Now, let’s talk about PIXMA TS9020. PIXMA TS9020 has so many similarities with PIXMA TS6020. But, there are also some differences between them.

For example, PIXMA TS9020 comes with six individual ink systems. With six personal ink systems, this printer can print high-quality photos or images.

Same with Canon PIXMA TS6020, Canon PIXMA TS9020 can print various documents or photos from other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices. And don’t forget that PIXMA TS9020 is not only a printer but also a scanner and can be used for copying documents or images too. Even, the printer can print documents or images from cloud3, social media, and NFC2.

PIXMA TS9020 also comes with a 5.0” touch LCD, so every person will be so easy to operate the printer. Compare to PIXMA 6020; the LCD is more significant than the LCD of PIXMA TS6020. With PIXMA TS9020, you can also print photos from the camera CD card and print them onto a DVD or CD. PIXMA TS9020 is a reliable printer that works optimally and is easy to operate. Every feature will help you to print, copy, or scan documents and images and fast.

Same with PIXMA TS6020, PIXMA TS9020 also comes with various filter options. So, it will be beneficial to print more spectacular images. My Image Garden is the application available on PIXMA TS9020 that will help you write more beautiful photos.


From some reviews above, we can get some conclusions. Canon PIXMA TS6020 and PIXMA TS9020 are a reliable printer that comes with high-quality features. But, Canon PICMA TS9020 is better than Canon PIXMA TS6020 because it comes with a better individual ink system, larger touch LCD, and complete connectivity ports. But, the choice is in your hand.

Hopefully, some information about Canon PIXMA TS6020 vs. Canon PIXMA TS9020 above will help everyone who needs to choose the best printer.

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