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Canon Pixma TS5020 vs Canon Pixma TS6020 Review Comparison

The comparison between Canon Pixma TS5020 vs. TS6020 is indeed unusual for many people. The need for a wireless printer is increasing day by day and Canon is surely the printer manufacturer that provides a vast array of good-quality wireless printers. Two of the best wireless printer products that Canon has are the Canon Pixma TS5020 and Canon Pixma TS6020. Below is the comparison between Canon Pixma TS5020 vs. TS6020.

Canon Pixma TS5020 Review

Canon Pixma TS5020 is one of the most excellent wireless printers that Canon has on its product list. The printer is indeed giving easiness to print anything, including photographs and documents, of course. The printer is all-in-one with many useful functions. Some of the features of the wireless printer are:

Easier Maintenance.

Printers sometimes can be tricky. The ink system can leak anytime, and the paper gets jammed as well. However, using the Canon Pixma TS5020, people will not encounter any problems, especially related to the ink system.

The printer uses five individual ink systems. Combined, they can create beautiful and vivid pictures. Printing beautiful photographs and documents should be easy and fast with the printer.

Sleek and Easy to Use.

The design of the printer is sleek and compact, too. It makes the printer can fit perfectly anywhere in the house. The interface is using an advanced 3.0” LCD to control its features such as auto power on/off, auto printing, document removal reminders, and so on. It is clear that besides delivering excellent quality printing results, the printer is also user-friendly and can be used by anyone quite easily.

Connect to Any Devices.

The point of using a wireless printer is that the users can print anything straight from the device they use. This Canon Pixma TS5020 printer is undoubtedly delivering the feature.

Using the printer, anyone can print anything right from any smartphone, tablet, and other device. The printer has a built-in SD Memory Card reader as well so that printing from any device can be done quickly.

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Canon Pixma TS6020 Review

Canon PIXMA TS6020 is the sibling of the TS5020 printer that has almost the same features as the TS5020 one. Find out more about the wireless printers upgrades and features down below:

Easier Ink Replacement.

Just like the previous model of the Canon wireless printer, the Canon Pixma TS6020 is also using five individual inks. The five colors combination promises good-quality photos and documents as a result.

The user of the printer will not get any ink issues because the printer can still be used even though one of the colors is running out. The user only replaces the color that runs out as well instead of having to replace all five inks all together at the same time.

New Paper Size Support.

Most printers only support the standard size of paper such as the letter, legal, or A4 size. However, the TS6020 wireless printer is improved and has support for the newer paper size, one of them is the square 5”x5” glossy paper, which is popular now to print squared-oriented photo files.

Improved Software.

Even though its predecessor is also completed by editing software, the TS6020 has much better software to enhance the creativity of the users. Straight from the printer, the users can edit any photo files before printing them. The software provides features to crop images, apply filters on the image, put the frame on the image, and so on.

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In conclusion, both Canon Pixma TS5020 and TS6020 both have great features, almost similarly.

However, the later version of the two, the Canon Pixma TS6020 one, has improved printing quality and better software if you want to edit a photo right before printing it. It is not a massive feature and thus making the comparison between Canon Pixma TS5020 vs. TS6020 is unnecessary. Both wireless printers are equally good.

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