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Canon Pixma TS3320 vs Canon Pixma TS5320 Review: Pros and Cons

A printer is not only necessary for offices. Nowadays, people also need a printer at home to support their activities that are related to homework. A printer for a home may not need to have a really big capacity to load numerous papers at once. But at least, it can be simply used with great printing results. Some products are recommended for home printers including them from Canon.

Canon Pixma TS3320 BK Review


Canon Pixma TS3320 BK is one of the printers with Canon’s default design. It is quite simple, compact with some slots where the papers come in and come out. Some buttons placed on the side also ease the users more in operating it. Additionally, the product is lightweight so that it is easier if you need to move it anywhere.


One of the main features available in this Canon series is the wireless connection. You can connect it only in some seconds on any device including smartphones and tablets. Interestingly, it is possible to directly use features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect them without additional supports for computers.

Besides, you can also use other platforms to make it work, including AirPrint. It is also designed for simple replacement. It only requires 2 cartridges only and the printing results are simply stunning and qualified.

Similar to other printer products from Canon, Canon Pixma TS3320 BK also has one of the great features originally from the company. It is Amazon Dash Replenishment. It is a smart feature dealing with the usage of ink and saves the use of ink up to 10% which is good for sure.

Besides, it automatically measures the ink level to avoid it being empty when the printing process is ongoing. Using the feature also, you can reorder the ink before it is completely used up. Sure, it is possible to cancel the purchase anytime.

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Canon Pixma TS3320 Pros and Cons

  • The product is designed well with a compact look. It is easy to use and operate with satisfying results.
  • The wireless connection is sometimes not working. You need to use the USB cable instead.

Canon Pixma TS5320 Review


Compared with other products from Canon, this one indeed looks more modern and minimalist. It generally looks sleek with buttons placed on the front area of the device. The dimension is indeed bigger and it is also heavier. Some colors are available including black, green, white, and pink.


There are some improvements given by Canon related to this printer. One of them is the availability of an OLED display and LED status bar, making it easier to navigate. Besides, viewing the printer status is also much simpler. You should not worry since the screen displays an accurate status of printer information. It is even if the printer is connected to a device that is placed in another room.  To make it work, the printer only needs 2 cartridges with easy replacement. It doesn’t change the printing quality at all.

Wireless connections are compatible with various platforms; they are Bluetooth, WiFi, and AirPrint. Therefore, you can use it directly to print files from tablets and smartphones without a computer needed between them. Make sure that the driver has been installed first.

The product features Dash Replenishment to monitor ink usage. Despite it helps you to save more ink, you can also measure the ink level to know whether it is almost empty or not. Automatic reorders are possible when the ink is running low. If you don’t want to, cancel it anytime.

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Canon Pixma TS5320 Pros and Cons

  • Canon TS5320 is a printer with a cool and stylish design. It operates well with the OLED display and Dash Replenishment.
  • While the printing process is easier, it is not for scanning.

Which is better, Canon Pixma TS3320 or Canon Pixma TS5320?

Canon Pixma TS5320 seems to be better in many ways than another product explained firstly. The design is better as well as the performance. Besides, you can use it for many other activities with great results. Indeed, you need to put more effort into scanning the setup, but once you have found the way, you can enjoy it.