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Canon Pixma TS3320 vs Canon PIXMA TR4520 Review: Pros and Cons

Canon is one of the brands that are well-known for many years for its printer products. From time to time, it upgrades its printers to be more compatible with today’s necessities. Despite portable printers, conventional printers to put on the table are also still demanded by people. Currently, it releases some new printer series. They include Canon Pixma TS3320 BK and Canon PIXMA TR4520.

Canon Pixma TS33230 BK Review


There is indeed no special thing related to the design. Yes, this classic look has been seen in the previous printer series from Canon. But if you love the compact style commonly presented by Canon, this printer is a good choice. Moreover, it is available in some colors; black, red, and white.


The wireless printer is compatible with various devices including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The connecting process is fast and easy; even you can easily connect it with your smartphone without any computer needed as the intermediary.

Despite wireless connections like Bluetooth, it is also compatible with other platforms including AirPrint. Setting up the colors, cartridges, and others is also not difficult at all.

The product is indeed designed for easier replacement as well as it only needs 2 cartridges while the printing quality is still great.

A special feature available in the product is Dash Replenishment in which you can save around 10% of the ink. It also enables you to directly reorder the ink when the amount has been low. Sure, you can also cancel it anytime when you no longer need it.

Additionally, although the printer is mainly about the use of the wireless connection, you can still connect it with other devices using a USB cable. It is available in the package.

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Canon Pixma TS33230 Pros and Cons

  • The product is a simple printer with multifunctional uses.
  • The process features high speeds with satisfying results.
  • Some features may not work on Mac devices.

Canon PIXMA TR4520 Review


The design is indeed far from a compact look. The product is indeed bigger and quite heavier compared with some other series from Canon. Yes, it seems that the company focuses more on the performance than the design in this series. But to ease your job, it is equipped with some buttons on the surface. You can operate it more easily anyway.


Canon PIXMA TR4520 features a wireless connection and you can operate it mainly using the Canon Print App. Therefore, you don’t need to use a computer as a supporting device mainly if you want to print documents or pictures directly from smartphones or tablets.

Additional features to support the wireless connections are compatible with some platforms like AirPrint and Mopria Print Service. In case you are forgotten to turn on and off the printer, the Auto Power feature will work for you.

The next feature available is IFTTT (If This Then That). What is it? It refers to the support of various web services and applications to do automatic printing. This way, you can save time more without giving more problems.

Some latest products from Canon currently feature the Dash Replacement Feature, It is to monitor the ink whether it is almost empty or not. If yes, it gives you an option to buy the ink refill online with the smart reorder tool. With the feature also, you can even save the ink even more up to 10%.

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Canon PIXMA TR4520 Pros and Cons

  • It is a great product with great printing results.
  • The setting up process is very easy including using the wireless feature.
  • It is heavy and not portable enough to move anywhere easily.

Which is better, Canon TS3320 or Canon TR4520?

If talking about the performance only, the TR4520 wireless series is slightly better. Yes, the printing result is great whether you want to print documents or photos. But of course, if you also think about the design and portability, the first product described indeed looks better. So, it depends on your expectations, what kind of printer to choose anyway.