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Canon PIXMA TS302 vs Canon PIXMA MX922 Review: Pros and Cons

Canon PIXMA TS302 vs. Canon PIXMA MX922 stated here might help to find the best one for daily printing activity. The detail below is trying to explain the difference between those two printers in the form of design, features, and pros and cons. The information is giving precise detail about the strengths and weaknesses before choosing one of them.

Canon PIXMA TS302 Review


As a wireless printer, Canon PIXMA TS302 is considered a compact printer. There is no sophisticated seen there. Everything is installed correctly to reach easily to use the printer. The black color without any additional accessories creates an elegant and eye-catching design. The product is also easy to use even for first-time users due to the plan.


The features are as simple as the design of the printer. Canon PIXMA TS302 has two main features which support the printer well. With the support of the Canon Print app, the product can use to scan and print any crucial documents by using a smartphone or Android device.

The process can be done smoothly and faster at any distance. Moreover, Canon PIXMA TS302 is also supported by Air Print TM. The feature helps to scan and print relevant documents and files from iPhone, iPad, and Mac quickly especially for urgent conditions.

As a result, the printing process can be done at any distance, and the hardcopy is ready by the time you arrive there. The features are suitable for the fast printing process.

Canon PIXMA TS302 also has a paper holder to keep the papers run smoothly during the printing process and hold up to 20 sheets for long documents or files.

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Canon PIXMA TS302 Pros and Cons

  • Two main features work well to support the performance of the printer.
  • Easy to use for the fast printing process.
  • Compact enough and easy to move anywhere and anytime.
  • Wireless makes printing process can be done quickly by using a smartphone.
  • Canon needs to consider adding more features to the printer for better performance.

Canon PIXMA MX922 Review


The design battle between Canon PIXMA TS302 vs. Canon PIXMA MX922 looks tight, especially on its eye-catching appearance. At a glance, Canon PIXMA MX922 is bigger than PIXMA TS302. The strength is, of course, on the features management, which makes the printer easy to use even for beginner users or daily hectic printing activities.


In the sense of features, Canon PIXMA MX922 also has more useful features than Canon PIXMA TS320. Those features are including Google Cloud Print, Wireless LAN, Air Print, Mobile device printing, and USB for a high-speed connection. Those features are installed to boost the performance so the product can print faster, easier, and with a high-quality result.

Due to the features, Canon PIXMA MX922 is suitable for office or business activity. The paper holder can hold up to 35 sheets so the product can print more than Canon PIXMA TS302. Auto Duplex printing system is also useful to print relevant data faster because you can print on both sides of the pages.

The printer can be said as a multifunction printer along with copy, scan, and fax devices included there. The specific ink tank use is high enough whether to print black and white or color documents with the same high-quality result.

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Canon PIXMA MX922 Pros and Cons

  • The features are complete enough to print documents faster and easier.
  • A Multifunction printer is good enough for business activity.
  • Superfast connection to print with a mobile device at any distance.
  • The design seems to be a little bit bigger.


For those who are looking for a compact and easy-to-use printer, the answer might be Canon PIXMA TS302 because the product doesn’t have too many features but works well.

On the other hand, Canon PIXMA MX922 offers something different along with a lot of useful features. That’s why a printer is a good option for business or office activity. The detail above is complete enough to explain and answer the question related to Canon PIXMA TS302 vs. Canon PIXMA MX922.

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