Canon PIXMA TS202 vs Canon PIXMA MX492 Review: Pros and Cons

When it comes to purchasing a printer with simple features and high-quality results, choosing between Canon PIXMA TS202 vs. Canon PIXMA MX492 can be pretty confusing. To make sure you can make the right choice, here is the review and comparison of the two great printers.

Canon PIXMA TS202 Review


The design of TS202 is straightforward with elegant all-black color. There are only three buttons to operate this printer, and all of them are centered on the left side. The size is very compact, and it also only weighs 5.5 lbs. As a result, this printer can easily fit on your small table among your other gadgets.


One of the best features of TS202 is the hybrid ink system. Hybrid ink is an excellent system for a photo printer because it is capable of producing high-quality printing results with amazing colors and details.

Furthermore, the hybrid ink system also significantly accelerates the printing speed. Thanks to this system, printing colored photos will be much faster without sacrificing quality.

The second feature to watch for from this printer is the rear paper tray. The dedicated paper tray will make refilling paper during the printing process much more comfortable. When you run out of writing amid the printing process, but the new article on the tray and the printing process will be automatically continued.

Furthermore, this printer is also very compact and lightweight, so it is easy to move, and you don’t have to provide huge space to put this printer. Unfortunately, this printer only comes with a USB connectivity option so it might limit your activity.

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Canon PIXMA TS202 Pros and Cons

  • The design is modern and straightforward.
  • Compact size, perfect to be placed in limited space.
  • Rear paper tray for easy refilling.
  • Fast printing speed with great results.
  • USB is the only connectivity option, which is pretty outdated compared to the other printers in the market.

Canon PIXMA MX492 Review


Considering the myriad features of MX492, the model of this printer is straightforward. The button area is located on the left side with a small screen on top of it. However, the paper tray that is located right on top of the printer gives something unique to the design.


Canon Pixma MX492 is packed with features that make printing more straightforward than ever. In addition to the old school USB connection, this product also supports Air Print, mobile printing, and Wi-Fi printing.

As a result, you can freely print your documents without having to connect the printer to your device physically. It also comes with a scan-to-cloud feature that allows you to share your documents with other people.

This printer is packed with plenty of time-saving features such as the fully integrated document feeder that can hold up to 20 sheets. You also don’t have to worry about heavy-duty printing jobs because you can choose to use XL ink cartridges. As a result, you don’t have to replace the cartridge too often.

If you don’t have much space left on your desk, you are going to like this printer because the size is 30% smaller compared to previous MX models.

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Canon Pixma MX492 Pros and Cons

  • Compact-sized printer with a smaller size compared to other printers with similar features.
  • Supports Wi-Fi printing, Air Print, and also mobile printing.
  • Comes with time-saving Auto Document Feeder.
  • The design of the printer looks very bulky despite the size reduction compared to the previous model.


So, which one is the winner between Canon PIXMA TS202 vs. Canon PIXMA MX492? Well, if you only need a printer with a lot of features and various connectivity options, then Canon Pixma MX492 is the winner. But if you only need something simple that can print correctly, you can go with Canon PIXMA TS202.

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