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Canon PIXMA TS202 vs Canon PIXMA MG3620 Review: Pros and Cons

Are you having difficulty choosing a Canon printer? Here is our Canon PIXMA TS202 vs. Canon PIXMA MG3620 review that will help you to find the best printer. Both of them have plus points and features, which can help your needs. So, let’s start and see what you can find from those printers.

Canon PIXMA TS202 Review


The thing that we like is its simplicity. Canon Pixma TS202 doesn’t have too much accent or complicated configuration. This printer is simple and easy to use. It does look plain when we place it on the desk, side by side with a high-tech gadget that we have. But, overall, it’s a good design.


Canon uses a hybrid ink system on this printer. We see it as one of the best features that Canon printer ever had. With this system, the printing process can be done quickly and faster.

However, the most important is the result. It’s perfect. The document we got is well-printed, without error. And the photo is satisfying. We set it in a high-quality format, and it produces the result of what we want.

The rear paper tray also helps the user to fill the paper whenever it runs out or is about to run out. The process is easy, where you need to place the paper in it, and this printer will deal with the rest of it. It doesn’t need too much time and energy to do that.

Our favorite features are its compact size. It perfectly fits with our full of gadget working desk. So, it’s beneficial.

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Canon PIXMA TS202 Pros and Cons

  • Simple design, which makes it looks beautiful
  • Hybrid ink system for the faster printing process and high-quality result
  • The rear paper tray makes it easy to refill
  • The compact size makes it fits any place.
  • The design, sometimes, feels too ugly for some people.

Canon PIXMA MG3620 Review


Canon PIXMA MG3620 can be said to be one of the coolest Canon printers you can find. Its sleek design, dull and shiny black surface, make its futuristic appearance even stronger. More than that, the plan is perfect fits with other high-tech gadgets that we usually place on our desk.


We can say this printer is today’s printer. It has a lot of the latest technology features. The first one is the Mobile Device Printing feature. With this feature, you can easily integrate it with your gadget (Android or iOS gadget).

And, with this feature, you can print any document or photo from far away. It’s beneficial if you work in a team where every member needs to do their work in a different room.

The wireless setup is also easy to finish. You don’t need to take too much time. More than that, it’s also user-friendly. Along with its easy-to-set-up, PIXMA MG3620 also has many printing options. You can use AirPrint, NFC, Canon Print, and many others.

The size is small, which makes it easier to place anywhere we want. And, even though it has a compact size, it has an Auto 2-sided print. This feature is compatible with several different paper sizes.

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Canon PIXMA MG3620 Pros and Cons

  • Beautiful and cool design
  • Compact size, which makes it easy to move around
  • Mobile Device Printing for easy integration with any gadget
  • Easy and fast wireless setup
  • Compatible with much different printing option
  • Auto 2-sided print.
  • Sometimes the paper tray won’t close


Based on feature, design, and functionality, we choose Canon PIXMA MG3620 between Canon PIXMA TS202 vs. Canon PIXMA MG3620. This printer helps us a lot, and this feature will be perfectly fit for today’s printing needs. The result and the printing process are also very satisfying. So, this is the best choice.

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