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Canon PIXMA TR8520 vs Canon PIXMA TS6020 Review Comparison

Canon PIXMA TR8520 vs. Canon PIXMA TS6020 can be the best choice for printing images or documents. This is Canon’s flagship product designed specifically for office or homework. Maybe you have a complicated condition and take your work home. You need not fear because you can print the job easily through this printer.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 Review

Times have changed. This causes everyone to choose a device that is fast and easy. Canon is a printer manufacturer that responds to these needs. The company is minimizing the use of cables for printing. This company has created this printer with wireless support.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 aims to speed up your performance. You connect this printer to the device you want. You do not need a cable. The company requires employees to work with high productivity. This printer can meet these challenges because you can print documents without being in the same place as the printer.

If you are traveling on business, then you can print documents from your car. You need the internet to connect your device to that printer. The ink system in this printer is an individual tank so you can replace the ink tank that runs out quickly. Your company needs a business card of good quality. You can get business cards with heavy paper and sharp images through this printer. Compact design is the hallmark of this printer.

This printer will not fill your desk with junk and looks terrible. Your office desk will look modern when you put this printer on the counter. This printer has a sleek design with a black color that looks luxurious.

The LCD screen has an easy-to-use interface. You can operate this printer by looking at the screen. The screen has several menu options. You can select features for fast printing and save the highest quality ink or printing features. The display will help you to run this printer efficiently.

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Canon PIXMA TS6020 Review

The design of the user interface has been redesigned by Canon. The company already knows the customer’s wishes. Users need an interface design that can be used easily. Users should be able to understand every menu that is on the screen. The screen serves to display the features that exist on the printer. This can allow you to interact easily.

The most exciting feature is you can edit your photos before printing. You will love this feature. You can fine-tune your photo with good quality before you print the photo. Rear paper handling becomes a vital feature to meet the needs of users. This printer has a paper cassette on the front. The tape is a container for plain paper. The back tray is used for photo paper so you can print all documents with the printer.

Canon PIXMA TS6020 comes with a creative filter to print your images. The filters can turn your photos into unique ones like Sepia, Monochrome, and Antique. Connectivity options for this printer are AirPrint2, USB, and WiFi. If you do not want to use a cable, then you can use other connectivity options to print the document. Your photo can be printed with high quality on glossy paper. You need to replace the outdated color because you can see the ink on the tube easily.

You can make your photo a fantastic project, check the picture, and add some funny effects. Besides that, you can use unique frames and funny stickers on your photo because this printer has software to edit the photos. You can install the software on your phone.

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Canon PIXMA TS6020 may not have a complete feature other than the Canon Pixma TR8520 but this printer can still deliver good print quality. If you think about the use of ink, then you can choose both these printers because this printer has 5 ink systems to produce the color with the right proportions. That’s the hallmark of Canon PIXMA TR8520 vs. Canon PIXMA TS6020.

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