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Canon PIXMA TR7520 vs Canon PIXMA TR8520 Review: Pros and Cons

When we are talking about a printer with high technology, Canon is always on the top list. The latest products of this printer producer include Canon PIXMA TR7520 and TR8520. To find out which performs better between the two series, here is the review of Canon PIXMA TR7520 VS TR8520.

Canon PIXMA TR7520 Review


The design of the Canon PIXMA TR7520 series is the standard design of the Canon printer product. The device comes with a simple and elegant design that will catch your eyes. The appearance of the printer, which is dominated by black color makes it looks good on your office desk or study room.


The TR7520 series of Canon printers come with lots of amazing features that will help you create printing results with high quality. Some of the features are FAX and ADF, wireless printing that enables you to work with the device from wherever you are, business card printing, and much more.

Canon PIXMA TR7520 Pros and Cons

This is something normal that every launch of products will have pros and cons that come along with them. Some people say that there are many benefits you can get from the Canon PIXMA TR7520 while others say that the item has weaknesses too. Here are some pros and cons of the TR7520 Canon series.

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  • One thing that becomes the strength of Canon PIXMA TR7520 is that it has good print quality, especially if it is used to print photos.
  • The device is straightforward to set up. There are two paper trays, and you can print up to 100 sheets each time.
  • There are five – ink imaging systems that enable you to print multicolor images.
  • Though TR7520 can give you excellent results of printing but automatic document feeder provided is not auto-duplexing.
  • The output tray of the device is relatively small.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 Review

· Design

Just like the previous series of PIXMA Canon, the TR8520 also comes incompatible and elegant design. But this next series of PIXMA Canon has a bigger size if compared to the TR7520. Instead of using black, the TR8520 comes in white color with a smaller portion of black added to it.

· Features

To give ease for the users to use the TR8520 series, the device is completed with a lot of interesting features include Wi-Fi direct connectivity and generation green. The device also comes with a color touch LCD to facilitate the users to operate it using a simple and easy way.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 Pros and Cons

The weaknesses and the strength of the PIXMA TR8520 have been a topic of debate since the device is launched for the first time. Some people think that the printer is quite good, but some others think otherwise about it.

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  • The PIXMA Canon TR8520 has five ink cartridges that enable you to get more accurate colors to result in images.
  • The printing quality resulted is exceptional. The device even can work better if you use it to print pictures or images.
  • The printer comes with auto duplex printing and a 4.3 inch LCD screen to make it easier to operate.
  • One of the weaknesses of the TR8520 series is that the device only has a paper output tray in a relatively small size.
  • Another thing that makes the TR8520 series less beneficial is that the device is not auto-duplex when you use it for scanning or copying.


The review of Canon PIXMA TR7520 vs. Canon PIXMA TR8520 is aimed to give you a balanced opinion about the two items. But which device will be your choice will depend on the features you need from both of them. Just do some researches first before you make any decision.

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