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Canon PIXMA TR150 vs HP OfficeJet 250 Review: Pros and Cons

To support your mobility, having a wireless or portable printer is indeed very important. Particularly, it is if you are really busy. Imagine how great it is if you can print your documents on the road before arriving at the office. It is saving time even more for sure. There are also some recommendations for the printer for this necessity. What are they?

Canon PIXMA TR150 Review


For lovers of minimalism and simplicity, the product is a good choice. It is compact, only in the form of a simple box to open and close every time you need it. Besides, the printer from Canon is also surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. There are some color options and black is the one widely available in the market.


Although the printer comes out with outstanding portability, the performance is still a good thing here. You can print sharp documents and photos with satisfying results whether in black or color.

The interface is intuitive as it features a 1.44-inch OLED display, making it very easy to set up and operate. Of course, the screen makes the portable printer look more sophisticated as well. You can still print your documents at a high speed as well without problems. It is even if you want to print full-color images.

It provides a hassle-free feature with various wireless options. Yes, it is compatible with many platforms including Canon Print App, Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service Google Cloud Print, and many more. Therefore, it is not only compatible with your laptops but also with other mobile devices.

For a more comfortable and convenient printing, there is also a battery available. However, this optional battery is sold separately. It is still a good thing to buy the battery to make it easier to print anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the setup process is easy even if this is your first time using Canon PIXMA TR150.

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Canon PIXMA TR150 Pros and Cons

  • It is a simple and compact printer with good performance.
  • The speed is quite fast and the results are satisfying.
  • The battery is not available in the package, it is sold separately.

HP OfficeJet 250 Review


Although it looks like conventional printers you put on the table, seeing the dimension, it is smaller than them. The design, generally, looks compact and it is also lightweight. You can operate it simply using an intuitive small screen placed on the side of the product. For cartridges and others, they are placed neatly inside.


The portable printer is multifunctional as you can use it for various purposes including printing, scanning, and copying. It is compatible with wireless connections and you can connect it directly with other mobile devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The platforms to use for wireless connections are Bluetooth Smart Technology and WiFi Direct.

The battery is long-lasting and you don’t need to spend a long time charging; it is less than 90 minutes. The setup process is fast and easy even if it is your first time using the printer series from HP.

For great results, it is recommended to use original HP cartridges that have been available directly when you are buying the product. Well, although the printer is compatible with other types of cartridges also. The product looks more sophisticated as it applies a touchscreen.

There is also quick printing and scanning to enjoy high speeds and printing many sheets only in some minutes. It supports various paper sizes including letter, legal, statement, executive, and envelopes.

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HP OfficeJet 250 Pros and Cons

  • It is a great product with excellent printing results. The design is also compact and lightweight.
  • Wireless connection platforms that support are limited; only Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Which is better, Canon PIXMA TR150 or HP OfficeJet 250?

Both are great but the product from HP is slightly better mainly when talking about results and performance. In case, it doesn’t have too many supports from wireless platforms, that’s not that bad. Bluetooth and WiFi are enough as those connections are owned by almost all devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.