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Canon PIXMA MX922 vs Canon PIXMA TS9120 Review Comparison

The comparison between Canon PIXMA MX922 vs. TS9120 is often made by a lot of people. Indeed, those two Canon printers are considered to be the best these days. With the help of a robust and reliable wireless printer, printing anything should not be an issue.

This is why finding the best wireless printer is necessary. Below is the comparison between Canon PIXMA MX922 vs. TS9120 so that you can choose the best printer.

Canon PIXMA MX922 Review

Many people have a home office, and they need a reliable wireless printer, the PIXMA MX922 should be the ultimate choice. It has wireless capability at its best. There are several features in the wireless printer to make its performance even better.

First of all, it has Wi-Fi built in it. With the Wi-Fi feature, the users of the printer can surely print and scanning anywhere from around the house. Besides that, it also has an AirPrint feature that allows anyone to write something directly from their Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, even iPod.

Canon PIXMA MX922 is even completed features to make multitasking seems easy. This printer has Duplex Auto Document Feeder that will automatically print out up to 35 sheets at a time on both sides. It is great if the users of the printer want to copy something using the printer.

This wireless printer can be filled with a 250-sheet plain paper cassette so that it can print a lot of things without having to be refilled with paper. The PIXMA MX922 is also great to print photos.

Canon PIXMA MX922 has five individual ink tanks with pigment-based black ink in them to produce bright and vivid photographs. So, the PIXMA MX922 wireless printer from Canon is not only easy to use but also has a high quality of printing. This is why the printer is often listed as one of the best wireless printers nowadays.

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Canon PIXMA TS9120 Review

The PIXMA TS9120 is one of the latest products from Canon in the category of wireless printers. The printer is not only wireless but also claimed to be an all-in-one home printer. Indeed, the printer has great features built-in it, and thus, it is capable of delivering exceptional printing results, both in documents and photographs.

The printer is especially suitable for printing something colorful, like photographs, greeting cards, and anything with pictures on it. It is possible because the printer has excellent multiple color options. The stunning result in graphics and photographs is because the printer has a 6-color individual ink system, which is completed by a Photo Blue ink tank.

The result from that feature is flawless photograph printing with no graininess and not even fine lines on the outcome. The printer is yet completed by creative filters that users can apply directly from the 5.0” LCD touchscreen on the printer. Canon PIXMA TS9120 has also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and many other wireless connectivity options to print from any gadgets and device quite easily.

If the printer seems quite complicated to use, do not worry because it is not. The printer has a simple user interface so that everyone can use the printer with ease.

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In a time of advanced technology like this, printing documents and photos should be done quickly anytime and anywhere. Both Canon PIXMA MX922 and Canon PIXMA TS9120 are built with great features and advanced technology. The features are almost equal, and both can produce excellent printing results, documents, or photos.

However, if you want the printing result, especially in photographs, to be more vivid and beautiful, the Canon PIXMA TS9120 should be your choice. It has a 6-Color Individual Ink System instead of 5 to make the printing result more stunning. That is why the comparison between Canon PIXMA MX922 vs. Canon PIXMA TS9120 is slightly won by the latter.

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