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Canon PIXMA MX492 vs Canon PIXMA TS302 Review: Pros and Cons

Choosing between Canon PIXMA MX492 vs. Canon PIXMA TS302 is a hard thing to do. Those two printers have great features and the ability to fill daily printing activities. The information below is trying to show the detail of those products. The detail below is the answer for those who still get confused to choose the best one by considering the design, feature, and also pros and cons.

Canon PIXMA MX492 Review


Canon PIXMA MX492 is considered a flexible printer due to its compact design. The printer can use anywhere and is easy to move if it is necessary. Canon is trying to offer a simple design printer with black color along with no other additional accessories except their logo along with full features.


What makes Canon PIXMA MX492 easy to use and to move is the wireless function. To make the printing process easier and faster, the printer is supported by Google Cloud Print and AirPrint. By using those two features, printing essential data can be done from a smartphone or tablet.

Most interestingly, the printing process can be done anywhere from any specific distance. Thanks to the Wi-Fi feature, which makes the wireless printing process easy to do. The process is done quietly and smoothly because of Quiet Mode, so there will be no noisy sound anymore.

Sharing the printer with friends or colleagues is also easy to do because Canon PIXMA MX492 is supported by the scan to cloud feature. The ADF feature provides up to 20 sheets, and it works for printing a lot of valuable data or files. By the time the printing process is done to do, the hardcopy can be sent via Fax, and the printer helps to do it well.

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Canon PIXMA MX492 Pros and Cons

  • The compact design and wireless is an excellent combination of easy to use the printer.
  • The features work well for the easy and fast printing process.
  • Easy to set up the printer
  • The product is not compatible with specific devices such as Chrome Book or Kindle Fires.
  • Minor problem with the fax.

Canon PIXMA TS302 Review


In the sense of Canon PIXMA MX492 vs Canon PIXMA TS302, Canon PIXMA TS302 has a more significant design although the product is also considered as a compact printer. Canon takes the same black color to make the product looks elegant and eye-catching. Canon manages the features in a great design, so the printer is easy to use.


Canon PIXMA TS302 is coming with two main functions. The first feature is the Canon Print app, and it is useful to scan and copy a document with a smartphone. The second feature is Air Print TM, and the function is to print essential data or files easily from the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

In short, Canon PIXMA TS302 can be said as a portable printer because the feature helps to print anywhere even from a specific distance. The product is also using the wireless feature so the printer can be removed easily anytime and wherever you want.

The automatic feeder features the paper correctly while the printing process is running. The feature can also be adjusted based on the size of the paper as well as closed if the printer is unused. To support the wireless performance well, the product is also using the Wi-Fi feature, and it is strong enough to receive a signal from a smartphone for fast printing from any distance.

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Canon PIXMA TS302 Pros and Cons

  • The wireless and straightforward design works well for the fast and easy printing process.
  • The two main features help well to print essential data from a smartphone at any distance.
  • The product has a too simple design.
  • Need more features to install.


Based on the facts above, probably Canon PIXMA MX492 is the winner, especially for those who need a multifunction printer. This printer can use as a fax machine. The features are also complete than Canon PIXMA TS302. The detail above is full enough to find the answer to the battle between Canon PIXMA MX492 vs. Canon PIXMA TS302.

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