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Canon Pixma iX6820 vs Canon Pixma iP8720 Review Comparison

There are so many types of business printers. Some recommendations for you are Canon PIXMA iX6820 and iP8720. But you have to choose the best one. Which one is better? Read some information below to know the answer.

Canon PIXMA iX6820 Review

Canon always releases various high-quality products, such as a printer. Canon PCIMA iX6820 is one of the best printers from Canon. It comes with regular features and specifications that will attract every person to buy it as soon as possible.

Let’s mention every regular feature in Canon PIXMA iX6820 one buy one. PIXMA iX6820 is an excellent office printer.

Canon PIXMA iX6820 can print various documents size, starts from 4”x6” mailers to 11”x17” spreadsheets. Even, it can also print 13”x19” presentation charts. So, it is so reliable and will help every employee in the office who needs a printer for printing various documents. Not only that, but it also comes with five individual ink tank systems to print spectacular images or photos.

There are still many features of Canon PIXMA iX6820. The printer can print documents and web pages so fast. It can print up to 14.5 images per minute for black and 10.4 images per minute for color. No wonder if many people choose the printer for doing many tasks. Even, it can also print full HD movie clips that you have captured.

With Canon PIXMA iX6820, editing photos will be so easy. Yes, the printer comes with My Image Garden. It is software to print and organize photos with great facial recognition, calendar organization, various filters, layout suggestion, and many more. The printer also comes with built-in wireless to make it easy to print and scanning wirelessly.

Canon PIXMA iX6820 can also print documents or photos from a mobile device because it comes with a free PPS app. Even, the printer can also print documents from Google Chrome, Windows, Linux, and many more.

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Canon PIXMA iP8720 Review

Now, let’s talk about iP8720. It is also a reliable printer from Canon. It also has similarities with Canon PIXMA iP8720. Canon PIXMA iP8720 comes with a 6-color ink system that produces high-quality photos or images.

The printer can also print large documents such as 13”x19” documents. The maximum dpi color is 9600×2400, so you will see every detail on the photo printed by the printer.

Canon PIXMA iP8720 also comes with WiFi built-in wireless. With this feature, the printing or scanning process can be done wirelessly. AirPrint feature also completes the printer, allows us to print what we see on our iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other devices. The Canon PRINT app also will enable us to print and scan photos from our compatible mobile device.

There are still many features of the Canon PIXMA iP8720. Canon PIXMA iP8720 comes with a 3.0 inch LCD. It makes the printing process so easy because LCD allows an easy operation process. We can mention Canon PIXMA iP8720 is a reliable printer that helps you to print various documents and photos.

Because the printer can print high-resolution photos and images, it means we can create various things using photos printed by Canon PIXMA iP8720.

For example, we can create a gallery wall display. First, we can print our favorite photos, and then prepare gift boxes and decorative washi tape. And finally, we can create a unique and beautiful gallery.

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From some reviews above, we can get some outcomes. Canon PIXMA iX6820 and Canon Pixma iP8720 are reliable printers for officers and you who have a business in the photography field. So, both of them are recommended for every person. Because too many similarities between them, it means both of them are included in a high-quality printer that can be your choice.

Hopefully, some information about Canon PIXMA iX6820 vs. iP8720 will help you to choose the best printer.

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