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Canon Pixma iP8720 vs Canon Pixma TS9120 Making an Educated Decision

Semi and professional photographers would usually compare Canon Pixma iP8720 vs Canon Pixma TS9120 for the operation and outcome. Both of them may come from Canon, but they share their own differences. Each of the devices has its own winning streaks and downsides. Nothing is better or loser – you just need to know your priority in order to understand which one would fit your needs better.

Canon Pixma iP8720 Review

If you are looking for a straightforward printer that can deliver promising results, especially in printing images and graphics, then you are looking at the right device.

Design and Features

Canon Pixma iP8720 vs Canon Pixma TS9120In terms of design and look, this printer is compact, sleek, and elegant. With curved edges and corners, it definitely looks compact. You won’t have to prepare extra space for it. Will it fit nicely at your home or office? Definitely. It would be a nice addition to your home office, for sure.

There are also tons of things to like about this printer. For a starter, it is able to deliver borderless quality that would be perfect for professional photographers. The color quality is nice, sharp, and bold. With a borderless dimension of 19 x 13 inches and also 9600 x 2400 dpi, expect amazing details. This is one of the reasons why most photographers love this printer.

Let’s not forget that you can also enjoy printing convenience with the wireless printing system. It removes the hassle of having to connect your printer to other computers or devices. Not to mention that you can also gain access to its Google Cloud Print or AirPrint. Printing images straight from your mobile device is no longer impossible!

The printing quality is marvelous and the printing speed is also nice. You should be able to print images right away; no need to wait forever. Setup and installation are also easy. And operating the printer is such a breeze! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure things out.

Canon Pixma iP8720 Pros and Cons

So, there are so many great things to enjoy from this printer. It is fast. The results are amazing – both colored and black and white. The printer is perfect for those having to print images often. Color management and ink management are also affordable.

However, you may want to avoid the extra ink kit offered by Canon. You don’t need it and you can manage the ink replacement on your own. And you may want to try different kinds of papers. A lot of users state that certain types of papers may be wrinkled after printing, even after they have dried it off.

Canon Pixma TS9120 Review

If you are looking for a multifunctional device with the impressive printing quality, this one would be right up your alley.

Design and Features

Canon Pixma iP8720 vs Canon Pixma TS9120This printer can print, scan, and make copies – and you won’t even have to worry about the quality. In Canon Pixma iP8720 vs Canon Pixma TS9120 in terms of design, this one is definitely boxier. It looks big and solid – but it is actually as compact as iP8720.

However, being a multifunctional device means that you can enjoy more features than the iP8720. The printing quality is nice with fast printing speed. The outcome is sharp and detailed, and colored images look absolutely stunning! The printer supports wireless printing where you can also access the AirPrint or Google Cloud system. And it has an LCD that can make operation easier.

Canon Pixma TS9120 Pros and Cons

Those are the things to like about the printer. And let’s not forget about the quiet printing operation too. However, make sure that you are very detailed during the setup or the printer won’t run as you have expected. And it doesn’t support multiple scans – you will have to do it manually.

Which Is Better, Canon Pixma iP8720 or Canon Pixma TS9120?

It comes down to you, really. If you want a multifunctional device, TS9120 would be a gem. But if you want image perfection, then go with iP8720. As long as you know the basic comparison between Canon Pixma iP8720 vs Canon Pixma TS9120, you should be able to make an educated decision.

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