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Canon PIXMA G4200 vs Canon PIXMA G4210 Review: Pros and Cons

The printer has a critical role in supporting your activities, whether personal or commercial. Canon serves various types of printers such as Canon Pixma G4200 and Canon Pixma G4210. So, which one of Canon PIXMA G4200 vs. Canon PIXMA G4210 is the best printer? Check the comparison below to find the best printer.

Canon PIXMA G4200 Review


Canon PIXMA G4200 is known as a mega tank. The designation is due to the size bigger than the ordinary printer but still easy to move.

The design is also supporting the features installed to make the product easy to use. The black color is elegant and stylish enough and becoming the eye-catching characteristic printer produced by Canon.


The transparent refill ink is designed for easy to view ink supply. As a result, you know the time to refill the ink. Sharp Black technology is also installed to make sure that the result is black enough as well as the fast printing process. Canon PIXMA G4200 can print text 30 times faster than ordinary printers.

Canon is trying to follow the latest technology by installing the Canon Print app so that this printer can be used via mobile devices such as Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The mega tank provides enough ink to print up to 6.000 black pages and 7.000 color pages. Air Print technology becomes the reason why the printer produces high-quality photos or image printing.

In short, Canon PIXMA G4200 offers complete features for the maximal printing process as well as excellent printing results whether for black or color printing. Those features work well to complete all printing needs, especially for critical conditions.

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Canon PIXMA G4200 Pros and Cons

  • Users are satisfied enough with the outstanding photo printing result.
  • Texts are printed clearly and black enough.
  • The mega tank is helpful to keep more ink for longer printing.
  • Some users thought that the speed is too slow.
  • Canon needs to pay attention to the performance of the features.

Canon PIXMA G4210 Review


In the term of the plan, Canon PIXMA G4210 offers a similar design to Canon PIXMA G4200. The product is also designed with a mega tank to get more ink supply.

The design is perfect along with features installed, so this product is still easy to use. Canon will not release black color as its characteristic.


How about the characteristics of Canon PIXMA G4200 vs. Canon PIXMA G4210? Canon G4210 is more than just a printer due to the additional features such as a scanner, copy machine, fax, and mobile printing. The printer is compatible with iOS and even without any driver needed because of the support from the built-in Air Print feature. Because of the features installed, Canon PIXMA G4210 can fax essential data even in ADF or auto document feeder.

The mega tank allows printing more pages than ordinary ink. The container is suitable for 30 times the amount of ink supply than the regular ink supply. The feature provides easy to refill printer to use the product as soon as possible, especially in critical conditions.

In short, Canon PIXMA G4210 works better because the product can be used for faxing, scanning, and copying. Canon offers more than just a printer to its customers.

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Canon PIXMA G4210 Pros and Cons

  • The mega tank works well to give extra ink for the longer printing process.
  • Additional features help to do more than what ordinary printers can do.
  • The design is great enough despite the complex features installed.
  • The printer is not designed to print automatic duplex or for single side print only.


From the detail above, Canon PIXMA G4210 gives more services than Canon PIXMA G4200. Canon PIXMA G4210 can be used for scanning, copying, or faxing. For those who want to find a printer for business or office, Canon PIXMA G4210 is the right option.

The explanation about Canon PIXMA G4200 vs. Canon PIXMA G4210 above also gives more reference about the best printers from Canon.

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