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Canon Pixma G3260 vs Canon Pixma G4210 Review: Pros & Cons

It is possible to scan, print, fax, and copy using one machine only. Here are two printers from Canon that you can consider for home office needs.

Let’s start with a comparison review of the Canon Pixma G3260 vs Canon Pixma G4210 to see which one is best for you.

Canon Pixma G3260 Review

The Canon Pixma G3260 is an all-in-one printer designed to help you print stunning photos and documents. There is a 5-ink system to scan, copy, print, and fax from your home. This printer is easy to connect wirelessly. It makes you easily handle daily tasks.

By using wireless technology, it helps connect this printer to all places and print from all places. There is an Ethernet port to connect this printer to the network available. This printer is simple to connect to your computer, phone, tablet, or laptop.

This printer can print up to 15 ppm in black, and it can print up to 10 ppm in color. People love this printer because it is made with a massive amount of ink. It means people don’t need to refill the ink in a short time. People can easily set up this printer and then use it because there are simple instructions to set up the printer.

The quality of the print is good. Unfortunately, some people feel sad about the scanner of this machine. There is a complex step to scanning when you use this printer. So it will waste your time when you need to scan using this all-in-one printer.

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Canon Pixma G3260 Pros & Cons

  • Supported by a 5-ink system for maximum all-in-one printer functionality.
  • It’s simple to connect to a tablet, laptop, or computer.
  • It is simple to link with the print app.
  • There is a massive amount of ink.
  • There is a complex step to using scanner functions on this machine.

Canon Pixma G4210 Review

The Canon Pixma G4210 is made with more than 30 times the amount of ink when it is compared with a standard set of ink cartridges. There are two additional black bonus bottles that people can use. This printer is made with an easy refill system.

People can see the ink level in this printer easily and then easily refill it anytime they want. The ink tanks are blended with the overall design of this printer, so it adds an aesthetic look to this printer.

This printer is made with Air Print support, which makes it easy to print directly from your iOS device. You can easily connect your printer with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and then start to print documents and images. There is no driver needed.

There is the auto document feeder, or ADF, to help you quickly scan, fax, and copy all page documents. You can connect to the Canon Print app too if you like to get a fast printing process.

Unfortunately, some people need to use their time to set up this printer for the first time. It will take a little time if you like to set up this printer and then use this printer for your needs.

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Canon Pixma G4210 Pros

  • Easy Refill System
  • It’s Easy to Check the Ink Levels
  • Sophisticated Ink Tank Design to add beauty to the overall look of the printer
  • Easy Connect to Air Print Support and Canon Print App
  • You need more time to set up this printer before you can use it.

Which is Better, Canon Pixma G3260 or Canon Pixma G4210?

Based on their features, we choose Canon Pixma G4210 as the winner or the better printer product for this review. It may offer you a longer setup time but there are some benefits that you can get when you buy this printer. So, that concludes our review or comparison between Canon Pixma G3260 vs Canon Pixma G4210, which we hope can help you to easily choose the printer that fits your need.