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Canon PIXMA G3260 vs Canon PIXMA G3200 Review: Pros and Cons

Those who want to buy a new Canon printer will most likely come into two choices of printer models from this brand, a comparison between Canon PIXMA G3260 vs Canon PIXMA G3200. Both models offer different features and advantages. Here, we are going to find out more about these two printers.

Canon PIXMA G3260 Review

Canon adds various features into PIXMA G3260, and most of them focus on improving this model performance for office tasks. Like the previous PIXMA model, G3260 has four functions, printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.

One of the features that catch our attention is the 5-ink system. This system allows you to print high-resolution images on various types of paper. This ink system also saves more ink, so you don’t have to refill it too often.

As for printing speed, PIXMA G3260 has a standard printing speed similar to other PIXMA models. For black color printing, like text or monochrome image, its speed is 15 pages per minute (ppm). As for full-color printing, it can print the image at the speed of 10 ppm.

This printer also has an Ethernet port, which allows you to connect it to your network without hassle. Unfortunately, setting up the Wi-Fi to connect to this printer is quite complicated. There is also no clear instruction in its manual.

Moreover, Canon also didn’t include a USB cable to connect this printer manually to your PC or laptop. However, without the original USB cable, it means you should get a new cable for this connection purpose.

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Canon PIXMA G3260 Pros & Cons

  • 5-ink system for high-resolution image printing,
  • Beautiful and modern design,
  • Good printing speed (black at 15 ppm and color at 10 ppm),
  • Ethernet port to connect to your network easier.
  • Complicated setup without proper instruction,
  • Doesn’t include a USB cable

Canon PIXMA G3200 Review

Our next printer in this Canon PIXMA G3260 vs Canon PIXMA G3200 review is the PIXMA G3200. From its name, you must understand that this product is the printer in the same category as the first Canon printer product we reviewed above.

So, is it different from the first product?

Design-wise, G3200 has a similar concept, which is modern and minimalist style. Moreover, G3200 has a very beautiful appearance with unique ink tank placement on the front side of the printer. However, it also gives you a simpler way to see the ink condition inside the cartridge.

Canon also uses a unique integrated ink tank design. So, it is not only the design that shows you the ink status inside the cartridge. You also can refill the ink in the tank much easier thanks to this design and the ink tank position.

Canon uses a bigger ink tank capacity for PIXMA G3200. G3200 holds 30 times more ink than the standard ink cartridge capacity in other printer models for more printing jobs and a longer time.

The only flaw is the setup. It is so complicated. You need a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) to connect this printer to your device.

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Canon PIXMA G3200 Pros & Cons

  • 30-times ink capacity than standard printer ink tank,
  • A beautiful and unique appearance and design,
  • Easy-to-refill ink tank placement and design,
  • High-resolution image printing quality,
  • Document and borderless document printing.
  • Complicated setup process (you need WPS setup),
  • No Ethernet port.

Which is Better, Canon PIXMA G3260 or Canon PIXMA G3200?

We have both product reviews, so it is time to find which one is the better printer between these two Canon products.

Based on features, performance, design, and functionality, we decided on Canon PIXMA G3200 as the winner, thanks to its various features that let the users use this printer considerably easier than G3260. That is everything that you need to know about Canon PIXMA G3260 vs Canon PIXMA G3200.