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Canon PIXMA G3200 vs Canon PIXMA G4210 Review: Pros and Cons

Canon PIXMA printers are available in various types. Canon PIXMA G3200 Vs Canon PIXMA G4210 are some of the best options. It is difficult to decide the better one. If you want to know the most appropriate for you, you have to pay attention to the following review and comparison.

Canon PIXMA G3200 Review


Compared to regular size printers, Canon PIXMA G3200 is big enough. However, it offers what people expect. This printer is designed with a mega tank in order to provide more links. Its design is also simple for ease of use. The black color makes it look elegant and stylish for personal or commercial uses.


Its mega tank becomes one of the best features as it gives more supply of ink. So, this device can print more pages. The mega tank also does not reduce its performance. With a transparent mega tank design, you can see the ink supply clearly.

The net feature is Black Text. This is very useful to improve its performance. This printer can print 30x faster than regular printers. Supported by the Canon Print app, this device can be used to print documents directly from a Smartphone.

Canon PIXMA G3200 comes with a system connected to Google Cloud Print. This is very helpful to print documents from tablets or android quicker even for an urgent condition. Another feature is wireless technology. This revolutionary tech is very useful to print documents wirelessly.

Even more, the wireless tech also makes it easy to use and move based on your needs. Overall, it has complete features. All of them are aimed to meet the users’ needs.

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Canon PIXMA G3200 Pros and Cons

  • Mega tank
  • Easy setup
  • Wireless
  • Minor issue on the features
  • Needs to be fixed for the better performance

Canon PIXMA G4210 Review


Based on the design, it belongs to a wireless printer. It is also a MegaTank printer. It is an all-in-one printer, too. With black color, Canon PIXMA G4210 looks pretty good. Its design is appropriate for any space at the office, home, etc. Anyway, it has an innovative look.


One of the features is a Continuous Ink Supply System. This feature produces high-quality ink volume. This feature is also useful to print high quantities stably and efficiently. This printer also comes with document & borderless photo printing in big volumes. It is very effective to print any document. The next feature is Auto Document Feeder that lets you print, copy, scan, and fax document quickly. For the capacity, it can hold 5 legal papers or 20 plain papers.

This printer also lets you view and refill the ink with the integrated ink tank conveniently. The MegaTank Ink Bottles also make this printer more useful. You will simply be able to screw off the cap and squeeze the bottles to pour the ink into the tank.

Canon PIXMA G4210 also produces sharp black printing that is very great for documents. It also offers high-quality printing for borderless photos. For photos, you can print various sizes of photos from 4×6, 5×5, 5×7, 8×10, to 8.5×11 inches.

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Canon PIXMA G4210 Pros and Cons

  • Good quality and fast
  • Auto Document Feeder
  • Easy setup
  • Tons of ink
  • Little noisy
  • No back-lit
  • Small screen
  • No full duplex

Which Is Better, Canon PIXMA G3200 or G4210?

Now, we come to the conclusion. Both printers have similar pros. However, there are many differences related to the cons. Canon PIXMA G4210 may offer better performance but it is a little noisy. Because they have a similar design, they will be good for either home or office use.

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