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Canon PIXMA G3200 vs Canon PIXMA G4200 Review: Pros and Cons

Canon PIXMA comes in different versions. Each of the versions offers various features and performance. How about if there is Canon PIXMA G3200 vs. Canon PIXMA G4200? Which type of printer do you have to choose? Let’s compare those two printers from the design and features to know the answer. As a result, you can use the printer maximally.

Canon PIXMA G3200 Review


The design is big enough compared to the regular size printer, but Canon PIXMA G3200 offers more than what is expected. The exceptional design is due to the mega tank providing the extra ink.

The features are installed in the right place, so the printer is still easy to use. The elegant black makes Canon PIXMA G3200 stylish enough whether for commercial or personal purposes.


One of the exciting features is a mega tank. The tank gives more ink supply so the printer can be used to print more pages. Most important, the addition of the mega tank doesn’t reduce the performance at all. The design of the tank is designed transparent to make sure that the ink supply can be seen clearly.

There is also the Black Text feature to make sure that black text is printed correctly. The feature improves the performance of the printer to print 30 times faster than a regular printer. The production is also supported by the Canon Print app so the printer can print the data from any mobile device.

The system is connected to Google cloud print, and the feature helps to print data from android or tablet quickly and faster even for urgent conditions. The wireless feature is also a revolutionary technology to use a simple and easy-to-move printer for any needs.

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Canon PIXMA G3200 Pros and Cons

  • Mega tank works well to give extra ink supply for more pages to print.
  • Easy to set up even for beginner users.
  • Wireless and refillable ink makes the printer easy to use, especially for urgent conditions.
  • Minor issue on the printer features and has to be fixed for better performance.

Canon PIXMA G4200 Review


Canon PIXMA G4200 is a good option for those who need extra ink for daily usages. Thanks to the addition of the mega tank, which gives more ink supply, although the design is more significant than the regular printer. Despite the big size, the printer is lightweight and easy to move anywhere and whenever the product is needed.


So, what about Canon PIXMA G3200 vs. Canon PIXMA G4200 in the term of their functions? The features are similar to each other; Canon PIXMA G4200 is offering a mega tank that provides more ink supply.

There is also the Canon Print app to print the data from any mobile device without any severe problems. No need to complain about the difficulty to print from Mac, iPhone, and iPad because the Air Print app is ready to help to print photos and documents quickly and correctly.

With the help of those features, Canon PIXMA G4200 can print up to 6.000 black pages and 7.000 color pages ideally just like the source looks like. A Sharp Black text system allows the printer to print black sources correctly and faster than a regular printer.

In short, those features support the printer to perform maximally better than the old printers, whether for black or color printing.

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Canon PIXMA G4200 Pros and Cons

  • Extra ink supply from the mega tank.
  • Works well to print photos or colorful sources.
  • The features work well to print black texts correctly.
  • The design is stylish enough, and the complex features don’t disturb the performance.
  • Minor issue on the printing speed.


From the detail above, the result between Canon PIXMA G3200 vs. Canon PIXMA G4200 is similar. The similarity is in the term of the design and features. Both of them also offer mega tanks for extra ink supply.

For those who want to find a high-performance features printer that provides more than just an ordinary printing machine, Canon PIXMA G4200 is the answer.

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