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Canon MAXIFY MB2720 vs Canon PIXMA MX922 Review: Pros and Cons

Working in the office with all the needs to scan, copy, fax, and print can be hard to do without tremendous and durable machines. Getting one of the available products in the market might make you confuse since they are in an extensive range.

Today, we are going to compare two great all-in-one devices you need, which are Canon MAXIFY MB2720 vs. Canon PIXMA MX922.

Canon MAXIFY MB2720 Review


As a multifunctional device, Canon MAXIFY MB2720 is quite small. With a dimensional size of 18.3 x 18.1 x 12.6 inches and a 26.5 pounds weight, it has a simple boxy design.

The black color for the whole Canon MAXIFY MB2720 makes it looks more modern and friendly to use.


This Canon MAXIFY MB2720 is wireless so you can print, scan, copy, and fax with mobile and duplex printing. Equipped with two paper cassettes, storing 500 sheets in two separate trays would be no problem. Tap the documents from your device with the Canon PRINT application; then you will be able to have the print out in not less than 6 seconds.

With the Dual Resistant High Density (DRHD) inks in the print laser-sharp text, no need to worry about getting the paper dirty as the inks are highlighter and smudge resistant.

Canon MAXIFY MB2720 is compatible with most computers with minimum Windows Server2008 operating system and 2008 R218 Mac:19 Mac OS X v10.8.5 – 10.11.

Operating this device will be more comfortable with an LCD 3.0-inch intuitive touchscreen. You can suppress your home business expense as well since Canon MAXIFY MB2720 has a low cost of printing and a high page yield when using XL ink tanks.

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Canon MAXIFY MB2720 Pros and Cons

  • Colossal paper capacity with up to a full ream paper
  • Minimum running costs
  • Accessible through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB
  • Easy to use
  • Has a minimalist design
  • Excellent overall output quality
  • Need manual work for scanning both sides of documents
  • Require more Wi-Fi Direct connectivity or its equivalent

Canon PIXMA MX922 Review


Having a lot of differences from the other one, Canon PIXMA MX922 appears in the dimension of 19.4 x 15.6 x 9.1 in inches.

Besides, Canon PIXMA MX922 is also a little bit less dense as it weighs 25.7lbs. Not only black through the whole machine, but the color is even more futuristic with the ombre of black and maroon.


Not only has a futuristic appearance, but Canon PIXMA MX922 also provides you with more futuristic elements as well. You can print files without a cable needed with the support of Wireless and Google Cloud Print. If you are willing to have a flash connection for transferring data, you can also plug the cable into your personal computer.

Waiting in front of the machine and put your files manually are too outdated to do. Canon PIXMA MX922 can make your job lighter as it has a 35 document feeder. With these fully integrated, the machine can copy, scan, and fax multiple documents at a time.

Printing on both sides of the page will not be a problem either since Canon PIXMA MX922 can do it for you automatically. With a minimum Windows XP SP3 32-bit of computer operating system, you are ready to connect Canon PIXMA MX922 and have your job done easier. This is compatible with Mac OSX 10.6.8 – 10.9.x as well.

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Canon PIXMA MX922 Pros and Cons

  • Very useful and user-friendly
  • Interesting color and design
  • Has the complete features one can have in an all-in-one printer
  • Has automatic duplexing
  • Include Auto document feeder
  • Targeting people to use it in the level of consumers
  • Might not be suitable for the needs of heavy printing


After reading the reviews and comparison of Canon MAXIFY MB2720 vs. Canon PIXMA MX922, you can now decide which one to get. If you have more budget with the latest technology, you can get Canon PIXMA MX922. But if you think you are more relaxed, Canon MAXIFY MB2720 is enough to help you too.

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