Canon Maxify GX7020 vs Canon Maxify GX7021 Review

Printers are an important device in any office, either for large offices or small offices like home offices. When it comes to printers, Canon is one of the leading brands.

It has produced so many reliable printers, including Canon Maxify GX7020 vs Canon Maxify GX7021. In this article, we will review both.

Canon Maxify GX7020 Review

The Canon Maxify GX7020, which is known as the GX7060 in Australia and the GX7050 in the UK, is a 4-in-1 printer suitable for small businesses and home offices due to its small, compact design. Thanks to the compact design, the printer is also ideal for personal use.

However, it still looks good for offices as well. Though it is not as fast as laser printers, this inkjet printer offers speeds and handles paper well.

The Maxify GX7020 comes with large ink tanks and room for more than a ream of paper. This allows the device to handle a high monthly duty cycle, which is up to 45,000 pages. It also has 6 bottles of ink which are enough for 18,000 mono pages and 14,000 color pages.

The printer offers a speed of 25ipm or images per minute for black and white documents, which is pretty fast for an inkjet printer.

For color pages, it slows down to 16ipm.

For the print resolution, the Canon Maxify GX7020 is reasonably at 600×1,200 dpi. The only missing feature is Near Field Communication (NFC). This feature allows users to print documents with their phones.

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Canon Maxify GX7020 Pros & Cons

  • It has 600 sheets of paper capacity.
  • It supports USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Duplex printing and single-pass duplex scanning.
  • It is small and compact.
  • It misses NFC or Near Field Communication feature.
  • The touchscreen is small.

Canon Maxify GX7021 Review

Quite similar to the Maxify GX7020, the Canon Maxify GX7021 is also designed for home offices and small businesses due to its small and compact design. While the former is a 4-in-1 inkjet, the latter is an all-in-one color printer.

With the GX7021, you can print, copy, scan, and fax documents. Compared to printers with laser cartridges, this one can save you up to 80% on the cost of ink. It comes with a set of ink that can print up to 6,000 mono pages and 14,000 color pages.

You can rely on this Canon all-in-one color printer as it can handle a high monthly duty cycle of up to 45,000 pages. For the printing speed, the Maxify GX7021 can go up to 24ipm for black and white documents and 15.5ipm for color documents.

It also supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB. The printer comes with 3 paper trays that can hold 600 sheets of paper. Two bottom cassettes accommodate 250 sheets each and the rear tray holds another 100 sheets.

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Canon Maxify GX7021 Pros & Cons

  • This printer supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connections.
  • It is economical, saving you 80% on the ink cost.
  • It is reliable for a high monthly duty cycle.
  • The printing speed is pretty slow.

Which is Better, Canon Maxify GX7020 or Canon Maxify GX7021?

So, which one is better Canon Maxify GX7020 vs Canon Maxify GX7021?

When it comes to printing speed, the Canon Maxify GX7020 is better than the GX7021. While the former offers 25ipm for black pages and 16ipm for color pages, the latter offers only 24ipm and 15.5ipm.

The Canon Maxify GX7020 also offers a better printing capacity, which is 18,000 mono pages and 14,000 color pages. So, if you look for a faster inkjet printer, the Maxify GX7020 is a better choice.