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Canon Maxify GX6020 vs Canon Maxify GX6021 Review: Pros & Cons

Finding an all-in-one printer that can fit your needs is very crucial. Here are two products of all-in-one printers from Canon that you can compare and find the features of both of the printers.

Let’s get started with a comparison of the Canon Maxify GX6020 vs. Canon Maxify GX6021 review here.

Canon Maxify GX6020 Review

The Canon Maxify GX6020 is designed as an all-in-one printer for small business types. It is easy to fill the ink bottles with difficulty. This printer is easy to set up to make you run with this printer in a few minutes.

Canon Maxify GX6020 is equipped with a 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen that can help you choose the task that you want with this printer. This printer is designed for small workspaces. There is additional ink included in this printer, so you can do all the things without worrying about the ink availability.

You can print everything in record time. The scanning process with this device is good. This printer is made with sharp text documents as the result of the 4-color-pigment ink system in this printer. You can get both color documents or black-and-white documents with a sharper result and control the ink level easily. You can easily refill the ink in this printer too.

Unfortunately, the smaller touchscreen in this printer still becomes a problem for some people who want to operate this printer. Since the screen is smaller than other printers, you need to read carefully all on the screen before you start to operate this all-in-one printer.

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Canon Maxify GX6020 Pros & Cons

  • Printer Setup Made Simple
  • Faster Speed for Scan, Copy, and Print
  • Sharp Text Document with a 4-color Pigment Ink System for Documents with Sharper Colors
  • Two Extra Bottles of Black Ink
  • There is a limited screen size to control all tasks on this printer.

Canon Maxify GX6021 Review

Canon Maxify GX6021 is an all-in-one printer that is designed for small business needs. This printer is suitable for printing on a wide variety of media types and sizes. It can help you print up to 47 inches in length.

This printer is easy to set up, so you can simply use this printer without wasting time. It is also connected wireless, and it is easy to set up wireless connectivity without a personal computer. There is a 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen that helps you start your needs for print, scanning, copy, and fax.

This printer is made with a 4-color pigment ink system, so it will give you a sharp, resistant text document. This printer is also equipped with high-page-yield bottles to keep ink waste to a minimum and to save more time when you refill the ink on your printer.

The machine for this printer is well built. It helps people use this printer for a longer time. Unfortunately, some people feel bad about the small touch screen on this printer. People need to be very careful when they want to operate and touch the screen. You may need to use your fingers when you want to operate this printer.

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Canon Maxify GX6021 Pros & Cons

  • Easy to print in various sizes and lengths.
  • It’s easy to set up wireless connectivity.
  • Supported with 4-color pigment ink to give sharper text.
  • Save time when you refill the ink on this printer.
  • The touchscreen in this printer is too small compared to other printers.

Which is better, Canon Maxify GX6020 or Canon Maxify GX6021?

Based on their features, we chose the Canon Maxify GX6020 as the winner or the best all-in-one printer for this review.

Yes, it may have a smaller screen to control all tasks, but this printer comes with two extra black ink bottles, so you can do more tasks with this printer.

So, that concludes our review or comparison of Canon Maxify GX6020 vs Canon Maxify GX6021, which we hope can help you decide on an all-in-one printer for your needs.