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Brother MFC-L2690DW vs Brother MFC-L2730DW Review: Pros & Cons

Brother is one of the most popular print brands for offices. This brand even releases Brother MFC-L2690DW and Brother MFC-L2730DW to accommodate employees who have to print a lot of data a day. Brother MFC-L2690DW vs Brother MFC-L2730DW review here will help to decide on a suitable printer to support your office.

Brother MFC-L2690DW Review

Brother wants to produce a flexible printer through the MFC-L2690DW version. As a result, users can place this printer anywhere in the office. It looks good in a small or medium office. Indeed, users are not only interested in this printer only because of its compact design.

They also love this product because of its fast-printing speed. Imagine that you can print up to 26 pages only in a minute. The paper capacity is also big enough. The adjustable paper tray can hold up to 250 sheets of paper whether in letter or legal sizes.

Another reason why people prefer this printer is also because of its compatibility with printing using a desktop. Brother MFC-L2690DW also helps to print files on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Brother also includes a variety of paper types and sizes in this printer.

It helps a lot when you want to print card stock, envelopes, and other formal printing models. Printing, scanning, and copying with this device are much easier with the built-in wireless network. It means you can directly print files from your smartphone devices without a cable or transfer the file to a computer first. The laser technology is not only fast but also produces high-quality printing.

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Brother MFC-L2690DW Pros and Cons

  • This printer is suitable for small or medium offices.
  • The wireless network keeps printing simpler and faster.
  • It has a variety of paper sizes and types that offices need.
  • Users can’t plug a USB drive into the printer and print from it.

Brother MFC-L2730DW Review

So, how about MFC-L2730DW?

The Brother MFC-L2690DW vs Brother MFC-L2730DW review here will answer it for you. MFC-L2730DW is also a multifunction printer. It is not only a printer but also a scanning, faxing, and copying device.

The process is simple because Brother designs this device wirelessly. You don’t have to deal with so many cables when using this product. The printing and copying speed is faster than the MFC-L2690DW.

You can get up to 36 pages only in a minute with laser printing technology. It is perfect for those who want to print files urgently. This printer is also ready to print in a Duplex or 2-sided model. You don’t have to deal with any complicated settings because it is an automatic feature.

Just like the L2690DW version, the printer tray can also hold up to 250 sheets. Brother also supports this device with a 2.7-inch color touchscreen to set it just like what you want. Due to the design, this printer is compact and suitable for personal users or small offices.

You can put this product in any spot without making the room stuffy. It will match all interior models. Indeed, this printer is easy to use even if you are a first-time user.

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Brother MFC-L2730DW Pros and Cons

  • You can’t only print but also scan, fax, and copy data with this printer.
  • The compact size makes this printer easy to put and move.
  • The wireless technology makes the printing process simpler and faster.
  • There is a minor issue with the toner cartridge.

Which is Better, Brother MFC-L2690DW or Brother MFC-L2730DW?

So, which one is better, Brother MFC-L2690DW or Brother MFC-L2730DW?

According to Brother MFC-L2690DW vs Brother MFC-L2730DW review below, Brother MFC-L2730DW is better due to its printing speed.

Imagine that this printer can produce up to 36 printing pages in only a minute. It is ideal for offices or personal users who often print a lot of daily data.

It means you can finish the printing task and use the result right away. The printing result is also clear and sharp enough with the use of laser technology.