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Brother HLL2390DW vs Brother HLL2370DW Review: Pros and Cons

Brother produces several printers that utilize laser-printing technology. You can get one of them then put it in your office. Two models are at the top list if you look for a high-capability printer. Both have the product name Brother HLL2390DW and HLL2370DW. The next section will explore Brother HLL2390DW vs Brother HLL2370DW.

Brother HLL2390DW Review


Brother HLL2390DW has an elegant and modern appearance. You can tell this printer is very reliable just by looking at the outer design. Brother puts more than a fancy design for this printer. On the other side, you can see the flatbed scanner section and a few controls. As usual, you also see the printing section when the paper appears.


This printer has many features that are capable to fulfill your needs and preference. The most basic one is laser printing with quick and high volume. Based on the official information, you can get 32 papers per minute. That’s impressive capability when compared to other competitors.

This printer is definitely suitable for an office that requires the employee to do the printing every time. Moreover, you can put up to 250 sheets in a single tray, and the device can print entirely quickly.

Another feature is called duplex double-sided printing. You can get the paper with two printed pages without changing the paper position. With this feature, you can save time and effort when preparing a document that requires double-side printing. Each page will come in a single printing mode. You only choose page numbers and composition.

The next feature is scan and copy. Brother HLL2390DW is not just a regular laser printer. You can put the paper on a flatbed scanner located at the top of the outer printer. Then, just scan and print immediately. The file will be in internal storage that can be duplicated anytime. With this feature, you have one machine for three functions: printing, scanning, and copying.

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Brother HLL2390DW Pros and Cons

  • The printer’s speed up to 32 ppm
  • Comes with a scan and copy feature
  • Wireless printing via smartphone
  • Thin paper is preferable

Brother HLL2370DW Review


Brother produces a printer without forgetting the design and appearance. As you can see, Brother HLL2370DW adopts a standard printing design with some controls and sections. More importantly, you get a printer with relatively lightweight, even you can put full 250 papers on the tray. This printer also has an office look that’s suitable for the workplace and home.


Exploring Brother HLL2390DW vs Brother HLL2370DW is not complete without inspecting the features. Both printers are from the same manufacturer, but few features are different. Brother HLL2370DW is purely laser printing for offices and homes. You can get the printed paper up to 36 sheets per minute. That’s something you will not see in the other printers even from Bother.

This model is specifically for high-volume printing. Some offices need this kind of device because of the tasks that involve printing every day. Therefore, the printer makes the job more efficient.

Another feature is the connectivity when you must do a quick printing. Brother HLL2370DW is capable to integrate into a computer network. You can print directly from the computer, even though the printer is not in your room or office. The network expands via Bluetooth and wireless.

Brother also adds technology that lets the printer recognizes the smartphone. You can connect via wireless and send the file immediately for printing. This benefit makes you work better and faster even though the file is not on your computer. Moreover, this printer has high durability that can last longer. That’s what you get when having this printer in your office.

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Brother HLL2370DW Pros and Cons

  • Printing speed up to 36 ppm
  • Big capacity up to 250 sheets
  • Only print, no scan or copy

Which is Better, Brother HLL2390DW or HLL2370DW?

After exploring both printers, you now understand the pros and cons of each device. You need a laser printer with a scanner. The best choice is Brother HLL2390DW. For high-volume and monochrome printing, you should choose Brother HLL2370DW. That’s what you learn from Brother HLL2390DW vs Brother HLL2370DW.

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