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Brother HL-L2370DW vs Brother HL-L2370DW XL Review: Pros and Cons

Brother belongs to one of the most popular brands of printer machines. When it comes to their products, Brother HL-L2370DW Vs Brother HL-L2370DW XL is among the best choices. So, it is very interesting to compare them and find the better one. Therefore, let’s see a more detailed review of each printer.

Brother HL-L2370DW Review


Starts from its design, Brother HL-L2370DW comes with the standard design of the printer where it has a few controls & sections.

It is also important to know that it is a lightweight printer and will be able to put 250 papers on its tray. Moreover, its design fits both the home and workplace.


Now, let’s take a look closer at its features. For your information, it belongs to a laser printer for home and office. In a minute, you can print out papers up to 36 sheets using this machine. It is designed for high-volume printing. Because of that, many offices need this printer as they print many documents every day. So, we can say that it makes the tasks much more efficient.

The next feature relates to connectivity especially when you have to print quickly. This printer can integrate into your computer network and directly print from the computer even when this printer is not in your office or room. The network expands through wireless and Bluetooth.

In addition, it also comes with a Tec that lets this machine recognize android smartphones. You can connect it wirelessly & immediately send files for printing. It makes you work faster and better although the files are not on your computer. One more, it also offers high durability that makes it last longer.

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Brother HL-L2370DW Pros and Cons

  • Big Capacity
  • Fast printing speed
  • No copy and scan, only print

Brother HL-L2370DW XL Review


On the other hand, Brother HL-L2370DW XL comes in a larger size. It is available in 14.2 inches x 14 inches x 7.2 inches. With these dimensions, it weighs 17.1 pounds. It comes in a grey finish and its body is made from plastic. Overall, it looks elegant and stylish.


Brother HL-L2370DW XL offers extended print where you can get 10x more pages than the regular model. With the genuine toner, it lets you print documents up to 15 reams of paper or 7500 pages.

Besides that, it also helps you become more productive because it offers the fastest print speed in its class. It also features flexible paper handling of up to 250 sheets on the tray. The manual feed slot is very good to handle different types & sizes of paper.

Then, it is also featured with wireless printing where it lets you print directly from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or even Smartphone. It offers versatile connection options including Ethernet interfaces, built-in Wi-FI, or locally connects to a single computer from USB.

The next feature is auto 2-sided printing. This feature helps you save paper. It’s Toner Save Mode is also very effective to reduce toner costs. About its genuine ink and toner, it provides consistent results & high-quality print. This printer also offers a responsible recycling program to dispose of its cartridges.

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Brother HL-L2370DW XL Pros and Cons

  • Fast print speed
  • Big capacity
  • Can handle various sizes & types of paper
  • Print only

Which Is Better, Brother HL-L2370DW or HL-L2370DW XL?

Based on the review above, we can see an uneven comparison. Brother HL-L2370DW is good but Brother HL-L2370DW XL is the better version. So, Brother HL-L2370DW XL offers more benefits but it also certainly costs higher.

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