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Brother DCP-L2550DW vs Brother DCP-L2540DW Review: Pros and Cons

Nowadays, a compact-size printer is packed with a variety of features that we usually find in the larger-size printer. In this passage, there will be a lengthy discussion about Brother DCP-L2550DW vs Brother DCP-L2540DW. These two Brother models are among the most popular models distributed today. They certainly have good reasons to warrant that title.

Brother DCP-L2550DW Review


DCP-L2550DW does not look too impressive at first glance. The dimensions are measured at 12.5 x 16.1 x 15.7 inches. It weighs about 25.6 lbs. Because of the compact size, it is not difficult to find the right spot for this printer. Its paper tray is located at the bottom part while the printing result comes from the upper part.


This model is a monochrome laser printer which means that the result only comes in black and white color. It can perform three tasks: printing, scanning, and copying. The model is capable of delivering great results despite its compact size. In fact, this model is known to be the fastest working printer in its class. It is capable of printing up to 36 pages per minute with a scanning speed of 36 impressions per minute.

To increase efficiency, it is equipped with a paper tray with a maximum capacity of 250 paper sheets so the user is not required to do continuous loading. The toner yield ranges from 1,200 to 2,600 pages (depending on toner type) before replacement.

It is also helpful that the printer accommodates two sides of printing automatically. For scanning, there is an automatic feeder with a capacity of 50 sheets which helps speeding up the task.

Connectivity is also the highlight of DCP-L2550DW. It supports a Wi-Fi connection which means the user can utilize the external applications to print and scanning tasks more efficiently. Files from mobile devices can be printed without having to transfer them to the computer. Scan results can be directly sent to cloud applications as well.

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Brother DCP-L2550DW Pros and Cons

  • Fast printing and scanning
  • Good connectivity with other devices
  • Perform printing, scanning, and copying
  • Good toner yield (standard 1,200 pages)
  • Does not accommodate color printing

Brother DCP-L2540DW Review


Comparing the design of Brother DCP-L2550DW vs Brother DCP-L2540DW might not be the best parameter to see which one of them is better. Both models have a similar look. DCP-

L2540DW is also measured at 12.5 x 16.1 x 15.7 inches. The weight is 24.5 lbs. It also has a paper tray located at the lower part.


The model enables the user to do three different activities including printing, copying, and scanning. DCP-L2540DW is equipped with black and white laser printing technology. Users cannot print coloring pages, but scanning the model can accommodate colored scans. It can print documents with a production rate of up to 27 pages per minute at maximum. Meanwhile, for scanning, the device can produce 30 impressions per minute.

Its paper tray which is placed at the bottom part can handle a maximum of 250 paper sheets. The largest type of paper it can handle is legal size. There is a manual paper feeder for printing specific paper types such as an envelope.

The model is also packed with an automatic feeder which holds up to 50 paper sheets. This enables the user to seamlessly scan paper at a quicker speed.

There are three connectivity options for the user which are Wi-Fi, USB cable, and Ethernet. Users can connect the printer to mobile devices using special apps. It allows for a more efficient file transfer system. To navigate the system, there is a 2-line mono screen that helps with printer operation.

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Brother DCP-L2540DW Pros and Cons

  • More connectivity options than the first model
  • High yield for efficiency (1,200 to 2,600 pages)
  • Slightly lighter
  • Slower printing and scanning speed
  • Only allows monochromatic printing

Which is Better, Brother DCP-L2550DW or DCP-L2540DW?

From a performance perspective, it is quite obvious that DCP-L2550DW is a greater option. It is capable of printing and scanning at a fast rate. Nonetheless, it does not always win in the comparison between Brother DCP-L2550DW vs Brother DCP-L2540DW. The second model is indeed lighter despite having similar dimensions. It also offers Ethernet as an additional connectivity option.

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