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Brother ADS-2700W vs Brother ADS-2800W Review: Pros and Cons

The desktop scanner is a versatile scanner to scan color and grayscale documents and images. Brother’s scanners have become an excellent choice for desktop scanners. Two right scanner products are Brother ADS-2700W and ADS – 2800W. Comparison of Brother ADS-2700W vs. Brother ADS-2800W is used to convince your decision of the best one.

Brother ADS-2700W Review

Brother ADS-2700W becomes the first scanner product to reveal. It has some great features stealing one’s attention.

· Brother ADS-2700W Design

The design of Brother ADS-2700W is always lovely to see. ADS-2700W has a space-saving model. This scanner is very flexible for the limited scope of your desk or home offices. It is also lightweight so that you can quickly move it. It is much compatible with your limited desk.

· Brother ADS-2700W Features

Brother ADS-2700W has a fast scan speed feature. It is working in a smaller footprint so that it can scan a lot of documents in a limited space. The single-pass duplex scanning feature is working smoothly on colored and black and white papers and images for only some minutes.

ADS-2700W has multipurpose connection options with a feature of built-in wireless. This scanner can connect this desktop scanner to a personal computer easily. Brother ADS-2700W is caused that it has been supported by a high-speed USB 2.0 system. It is useful to find quick access to a desktop scanner connection.

Brother ADS-2700W is easy to use and saving time. With a color touchscreen display, you can scan documents in one touch only. It has secure scanner access to keep information and documents. Flexible integration is a feature connecting the business process to this scanner. It supports Linux, Mac, Windows, and Twain.

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Brother ADS-2700W Pros and Cons

  • Scanning images documents are so fast with several pages.
  • Able to scan images at greyscale or color quickly
  • It has a fast performance as a desktop scanner
  • The wireless scanner size is much suitable for the limited space
  • Difficult to detect stuck and trouble documents
  • No software available that can be download for updating

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Brother ADS-2800W Review

Brother ADS-2800W is another scanner product of Brother. It has some great features than the other scanners.

· Brother ADS-2800W Design

Brother ADS-2800W has a flexible and advanced design for business. With flexible handling, it can scan documents into some types of files such as pdf, business card, and jpeg. The flexible design of Brother ADS – 2800W is easily moved and changed its position at offices and desks.

· Brother ADS-2800W Features

Brother ADS-2700W vs Brother ADS-2800W is two different reviews of a desktop scanner. Brother ADS-2800W has various features from ADS-2700W. This scanner can scan both single and double–side materials and documents in one pass. It is also working on both colored and black and white document scanning.

ADS-2800W is multi-page scanning for 50 – sheet capacity of scanning. The paper size is easily manageable about the preferred page size. You can manage and set the scanned paper into three dimensions. Paper size is running on a single sheet, multiple sheets, and duplex mode. You should set it based on desirable needs.

A color touchscreen display is another embedded feature in Brother ADS-2800W. It has been included 48 programmable shortcuts on one touch for the scanning process. That is very simple to operate and use for scanning to form different shapes and file forms. It can scan any documents, images, photos, plastic cards, and receipts.

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Brother ADS-2800W Pros and Cons

  • ADS-2800W has a good model with connectivity options and an amazing slate of ports.
  • This scanner has a duplex capability feature scanning large quantities.
  • It has the latest features to support a scanning process
  • It has a large dimension that is inconvenient for limited spaces.

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A comparison of Brother ADS-2700W vs. Brother ADS-2800W is an excellent review to know negative and positive things about both scanners. Brother ADS-2800W has the latest technology features for better performance.

Meanwhile, Brother ADS-2700W also offers some excellent features like secure access and duplex capability. Brother ADS-2800W is much recommended though it has a significant dimension size.

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