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Brother ADS-2700W vs Brother ADS-2000 Review: Pros and Cons

Brother is known as a reputable manufacturer of printers, scanners, and every electronic device that deals with paper. Here we will look into the comparison between Brother ADS-2700W vs. Brother ADS-2000. Both are known as handy and reliable document scanners that handle simplex and duplex scanning with excellent performance and quality.

Brother ADS-2700W Review


Brother ADS-2700W sports a sleek white body. If you work with Apple devices, you will find it a perfect match for them. It comes with an LCD screen that not only improves its functionality but also makes a statement about the scanner’s modern look. With a total weight of only 5.8 lbs, it is also among the lightest document scanners available today.


Brother ADS-2700W is designed to get your job done as quickly and as conveniently as possible. Some notable features, including wireless connection, long paper scanning support, high-speed scanning, and LCD panel, make this scanner an excellent choice for busy workers and students.

In terms of speed, Brother ADS-2700W is capable of scanning 35 pages per minute in simplex mode and 70 images per minute in single-pass duplex mode. This means you can scan more than one image per second with this printer.

Because this scanner uses an automatic document feeder capable of accommodating up to 50 sheets of paper, you can leave this printer working unattended while you are dealing with other works. If you have to scan unusually long paper, with a length up to 196 inches, you can depend on this scanner.

Wireless connection is supported, so you can work with this scanner without worrying about cable mess. It also includes a built-in LCD panel that makes standalone scanning jobs a breeze.

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Brother ADS-2700W Pros and Cons

  • The built-in LCD screen gives a modern look and enhances functionality.
  • The scanning speed is faster at 35 ppm and 70 ipm.
  • Wireless connection improves versatility.
  • It supports the scanning of long paper.
  • Operational power consumption is slightly higher.
  • The use of an external adapter may cause a hassle and make the unit less compact.

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Brother ADS-2000 Review


Brother ADS-2000 is a black document scanner that will become your favorite if you prefer a discreet device. The device is completely black, with only the silver Brother logo on its top. It barely looks flashy, but it still looks modern and stylish. This scanner is about two pounds heavier than ADS-2700W.


ADS-2000 is designed to be a minimalistic document scanner with dependable scanning performance and quality. Inside its modest black skin, this scanner hides a set of machines that is capable to scan 24 pages of black and white and colored documents per minute or 48 images in duplex scanning. Expand its automatic document feeder and it will be ready to accept up to 50 sheets of legal-sized paper at a time.

Brother ADS-2000 connects to your PC using the USB cable to do basic scanning jobs. Wireless connection is not supported, but it is capable to be a standalone scanner that scans documents directly to a USB thumb drive, mobile device, and other media, thanks to some built-in applications that come with this scanner.

Being a modest and minimalistic scanner, it does omit some advanced features found in modern document scanners, especially a built-in LCD panel, but for handling general scanning jobs, it is most reliable.

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Brother ADS-2000 Pros and Cons

  • Discreet design that blends well with your office environment.
  • Operational power consumption is low.
  • It uses a built-in internal power supply that doesn’t require an external adapter, making it an extremely compact scanner.
  • No LCD panel limits functionality.
  • Only a wired connection is supported, but it can scan directly to various media.

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From the outside look, and actually from the model’s number as well, you can easily decide that Brother’s ADS-2700W is more advanced in terms of functionality than ADS-2000. There is no LCD panel, wireless connection, and long paper scanning feature on ADS-2000, but if you don’t like using an external adapter, the black Brother ADS-2000 scanner does have an edge in Brother ADS-2700W vs. Brother ADS-2000 competition.

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