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Brady BMP61 vs Brady BMP71 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Labeling can be a difficult task to do especially when you have to do it manually. Nevertheless, this task is unavoidable for identification purposes. Fortunately, nowadays you can find a label printer that can make this task much easier and faster.

You might imagine a label printer with large size. The label printer is getting smaller and more portable. It is also made especially for a specific purpose. When you are looking for a portable label printer for industrial items, you might have to make the Brady BMP61 vs Brady BMP71 comparison since Brady is a trusted brand for this kind of product.

Brady BMP61 Review

The first option is the Brady BMP61 portable label printer. It is more than just a label printer because it is a handheld one. It means that labeling industrial items will be much more convenient since you can move along with the label printer easily. The task can be accomplished much faster.

Brady BMP61 Features

In the package, you will get the BMP61 label printer, Li-Ion battery along with its compatible charger, utility strap, PTL-19-423 label, M61-R6010 Ribbon, a guide for quick start, USB cable, and a hard carrying case. You will get pretty much everything necessary for supporting the use of the label printer.

What kind of great things can be performed by this label printer?

The most noticeable function of this handheld label printer is to create labels with multi-lines. This way, you can make a clear identification for various kinds of industrial items including panels, wires, and circuit boards.

When printing the labels, the label files will be generated from the unit. The files can be exported and imported from the printer very easily. The same thing goes with the graphics and lists since the BMP61 label printer comes with a USB flash drive port, USB 2.0 port, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Labeling is all about details. It is important to make sure that you can input the label easily and accurately. For this purpose, this printer comes with a QWERTY keyboard that has not only A-Z letters but also 0-9 numbers. To check the detailed result, the label printer is also supported with a touchscreen display for the text that allows you to ensure labeling accuracy.

Last but not least, text printing can be done in one color only. However, you can adjust the text size since it comes with six different size options.

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Brady BMP61 Pros and Cons:

  • Super portable in design
  • Handheld printer for easy labeling process
  • Various connectivity options including Wi-Fi
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Six text size options
  • Touchscreen text display
  • Less material type options than the Brady BMP71

Brady BMP71 Review

The next label printer is still from Brady but it has another model. The Brady BMP61 vs Brady BMP71 comparison might be necessary when you trust this brand but you need to get the most suitable label printer choice. Can you find that Brady BMP71 is better than the BMP61?

Brady BMP71 Features

Once you see the product, you will find that this label and sign printer can be a desktop or portable printer. Just like Brady BMP61, this unit is designed to print multi-line labels and signs for identifying industrial items such as circuit boards, panels, and wires.

The printer design might not be that portable due to the size but you can still carry it around conveniently since it comes with a comfortable handle. More importantly, the label printer is very versatile since it comes with more than 1000 label parts.

Any file, graphic, or list of labels generated from the labeling process can be imported from and exported from the unit super easily. It is thanks to the USB flash drive port and USB 2.0 port in the unit.

When you talk about the Brady BMP71 label printer, you must talk about its compatibility. It is not only compatible with the label tape cartridges from the M71 series but it is also compatible with HandiMark cartridges that come with a roll adapter. It can even fit TLS 2200 and BMP61.

When buying the product, you will get several items in the package. Besides the BMP71 label printer unit, you will also get a cable for a battery charger or AC adapter, a hard case for carrying, free download for Brady WorkStation Basic Design, M71-R6000 black ribbon, M71-31-423 die-cut labels, adapter for label roll, a guide for quick start, and a pack of rechargeable battery.

Do not forget that this product comes with a limited warranty for two years.

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Brady BMP71 Pros and Cons:

  • Super speedy printing process
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Easy data loading
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy to replace printer cartridges or empty labels with more cartridge’s compatibility
  • Large size
  • Limited warranty

Difference between Brady BMP61 and Brady BMP71?

Both Brady BMP61 and BMP71 have pretty similar functions yet you can find specific differences between both models. While Brady BMP71 is compatible with LabelMark Software and Brady Workstation, the Brady BMP61 is compatible with both software and Brady Mobile Apps. The Brady BMP61 also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity that cannot be found in the BMP71 model.

The Brady BMP61 is more like a true portable label printer since it is designed for handheld. Meanwhile, the Brady BMP71 is designed for both desktop and portable label printers. It seems that the Brady BMP71 can be used for more material types than the Brady BMP61. The Brady BMP71 is also compatible with various types of cartridges.

Which is Better, Brady BMP61 or Brady BMP71?

Now, you have to make a final verdict about which type of label printer can meet your industrial item labeling needs. Of course, you might have different preferences according to your needs.

Nevertheless, we have to agree that the Brady BMP61 is better in portability. This label printer is designed as a true portable label printer. Handling it while carrying around for labeling will be super easy and convenient with its design. The portability is also supported with Wi-Fi connectivity and Brady Mobile apps compatibility.

Yet, the battle of Brady BMP61 vs Brady BMP71 can come with the Brady BMP71 model as a better option when you want to make sure that the label printer can handle more types of label materials. Let us know which one your preference is.