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BenQ HT2050A vs Optoma HD39HDR Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Comparing BenQ HT2050A vs Optoma HD39HDR can be very tricky. The two home-theater projectors are considered great for gamers. From the image quality to the sound system, these two projectors have their pros and cons. Knowing the specs and features of the projectors can help you with the selection process.

HT2050 is great when it comes to sound systems. However, the brightness produced can’t be compared with HD39HDR. Though the latter is not too good with its sound system. Take a look at the following comparison between HT2050A and HD39HDR to help you find the most suitable home-theater projector for your needs.

BenQ HT2050A Review

Specs and features of BenQ HT2050A are what you need from a good portable projector. The device comes with a better sound system if compared to similar products in its class.

However, HT2050A is considered heavy for a home entertainment projector. The large size of the device is seen as the main reason why it has a better sound system.

BenQ HT2050A Features

Though HT2050A is built around a single chip, the device produces far fewer rainbow artifacts if compared to other projectors with a single chip. The color produced by HT2050A at maximum brightness tends to be within a realistic-looking range. That is why the device is considered more usable in high brightness mode

The projector is still bright enough even if you run its video-optimized settings. The brightness shown is at about 1530 ANSI lumens. In a dark room, the brightness is as much as a 200 inch-diagonal 16:9 image.

The economic model of HT2050A can lower brightness up to 33% compared to the normal mode of the device. The projector also provides a SmartEco mode that will make it possible for users to reduce power usage by as much as 75%.

There is also a modest vertical lens shift you can find in HT2050A. It enables you to avoid a keystone adjustment whenever you want to square off the picture.

When it comes to video sources, you can find them all on the back panel. These include a composite video port, three RCA phono plugs for component video, a VGA port, and two HDMI ports. As for the image quality of HT2050A, you can be sure that it is almost excellent. The device will provide you with great color quality, shadow details, and skin tones.

Meanwhile, the 10-watt speaker added to HT2050A will provide you with enough volume to fill a spacious family room. This is also possible for you to connect the audio output to an external system for more volume. The short lag time offered by the projector will be a big plus loved by gamers.

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BenQ HT2050A Pros and Cons

  • HT2050 comes with amazing vibrant colors
  • Quiet fan
  • Great image quality
  • HT2050A offers great value with a three-year warranty
  • The device comes with 16ms input lag in Fast Mode
  • HT2050 only has a dim lamp, making it inappropriate to lit up the rooms
  • Only comes with one 3D mode

Optoma HD39HDR Review

With features like a 120z refresh rate in 1080p, Optoma HD39HDR should appeal to gaming enthusiasts. With a low lag input, gamers will also find this device great for their hobby. This HD39HDR is launched to allow gamers to have a wall-sized picture without the lag input. In this way, frustrated teammates and unnecessary frags can be avoided.

Optoma HD39HDR Features

When it comes to BenQ HT2050A vs Optoma HD39HDR, specs and features of HD39HDR shouldn’t be skipped from the discussion. Some key features you can find in the device including HDR10 support, internal 10-watt speaker, and 1920 x 1080 native resolution with a TI DLP chip of 0.65 inches. HD39HDR also comes with enhanced gaming mode, 4,000 ANSI lumens Accepts, 4K UHD input for playback at 1080p, manual focus, and 1×3 zoom.

HD39HDR comes with a 245 lamp light source. It can produce 4,000 ANSI lumens in its brightest color mode and Bright power mode. With the output, the lamp used in the device is rated for 4,000 hours of use.

Not only that but the projector also comes with a 0.65-inch Texas Instruments 1080 DMD chip. It is also completed with a 6-segment RYGCWB color wheel, much for your pleasure. The device can receive 4K HD signals and support HDR10 high dynamic range content as well.

With 1.3 x zoom and a throw ratio of 1.12 to 1.47:1, HD39HDR offers comfortability when seeing videos or images. Not only that but the device also has a projection distance that reaches 3.3 to 32.8 feet. This will make it possible for you to throw distance for the images that you prefer the most.

There are also some adjustments available in the menu that allow you to change the images horizontally or vertically. In 120Hz mode, the input lag of the device can drop down to 8.4ms. Meanwhile, the high refresh rate offered allows you to enjoy a smoother motion.

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Optoma HD39HDR Pros and Cons

  • The chip of HD39HDR is compatible with 3840 x 2016 resolution. It can also add more details to the images.
  • The 50000:1 contrast ratio of HD39HDR can reflect the grey level of black and white to a greater extent.
  • Mediocre HDR performance
  • The enhanced gaming mode of the device is only designed for 1080p signals
  • Only supports vertical trapezoidal correction

Difference between BenQ HT2050A and Optoma HD39HDR?

At glance, you can see that both HT2050A and HD39HDR are different. Though both of the projectors come in white color, the physical appearance of the devices is slightly different. Not only that but HR2050A is a bit heavier if compared to HD39HDR.

Looking deeper into the specs and features, these two devices have their strengths and weaknesses. While the sound system of HT2050A is impressive, the lumens of the device are lower than HD39HDR. HT2050 comes with 3000 lumens while HD39HDR has 4000 lumens. In this way, the brightness level offered by HD39HDR is higher if compared to HT2050.

Which is Better, BenQ HT2050A or Optoma HD39HDR?

Speaking about BenQ HT2050A vs Optoma HD39HDR, which one is better between the two? The answer will depend on what you need the most from a projector. Not only that but some factors like specs and features are needed to be considered well before deciding which projector to purchase.

Conducting research is key. Make sure that you check on every aspect of the projector. If a better sound system is what you are looking for, BenQ HT2050A will make it a better option. But, if you want to have a home-theater projector with better image quality, you can take Optoma HD39HDR as the first choice.