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Atoto S8 Standard vs Premium Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Installing a new entertainment device for your car to replace the standard one is a big decision because it will change how you enjoy your driving time. Therefore, we have made a review here that helps you choose between Atoto S8 Standard vs Atoto S8 Premium.

Let’s start the review!

Atoto S8 Standard Review

As mentioned above, with this review we will learn more about two types of S8 entertainment device model from the Atoto brand, which is the standard and premium type. The first product we are going to check out here is the standard one.

Let’s find out about what kind of features and performance this model has, which could become the factors you can consider when you choose between these two later.

The standard model uses the 7-inch IPS display with 1024 x 600 pixels of resolution. The interface is easy to use. We can operate the menu without any problem and each of them has an easy-to-recognize icon design.

For the mounting style, S8 Standard uses the UHD07D mounting method. This mounting style is suitable for almost all dashboard designs from different types of vehicles today. As long as your car uses the Double-DIN opening, you can install this device without facing any serious problems.

We also love the continuous firmware update that Atoto provides for this device. It ensures that this system will work without any problem in the future. Moreover, we feel that the new firmware update improves the device performance significantly, which helps us during our trip.

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Atoto S8 Standard Pros & Cons

  • High-quality IPS display with 600p resolution,
  • Easy-to-use interface menu,
  • UHD07D mounting design, compatible with almost all vehicle dashboards,
  • Continuous firmware updates to ensure the performance work of the highest quality.
  • Small-sized screen,
  • The manual tune control knob is located separately.

Atoto S8 Premium Review

As for the next product in our Atoto S8 Standard vs Atoto S8 Premium review, we have the premium version of the S8 entertainment system. What kind of difference does this model have compared to the standard version we have mentioned above? Let’s see.

First of all, this model has a bigger screen size than the standard model. The S8 Premium uses a 10.1-inch QLED display. Moreover, this screen produces 1280×720 image resolution.

QLED and higher resolution are indeed one of the advantages of this model. The QLED display creates a clearer and more detailed image, which helps display the icon menu, movie, or GPS maps. The 720p resolution also works well with the type of screen technology on this device.

As for the mounting type, the S8 Premium uses an IAH10D design (Integrated and Adaptive Head-unit of 10.1-inch Display). This mounting type is suitable for more than 200 model vehicles and OEM factory-style installation. So, it has a lower failure risk when you install it.

The flaw is only in its Bluetooth connection. We found that it sometimes loses connection when we use Bluetooth to pair it with our mobile device. Other than that, it works without any problem.

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Atoto S8 Premium Pros & Cons

  • High-detailed image with QLED display,
  • 10.1-inch screen size,
  • 720p resolution screen that produces higher quality images than the standard version,
  • IAH10D mounting type, suitable with 200 vehicles and OEM-factory installation.
  • Bluetooth connection sometimes got cut off or interrupted during usage.

Which is Better, Atoto S8 Standard or Premium?

Based on the features and their performance, we choose S8 Premium as the winner here. It has a bigger screen size. Plus, the screen also uses much better technology than the S8 Standard screen technology.

That’s everything that you need to know about these Atoto S8 Standard vs Atoto S8 Premium. We hope you can choose the product that you want to buy to replace your vehicle’s old entertainment system.