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Atoto S8 Standard vs Atoto S8 Ultra Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Installing the stereo receiver is worth it to boost the performance of a vehicle. Atoto is one of the recommended stereo receivers to install. In this article, we will compare Atoto S8 Standard vs Atoto S8 Ultra. It helps to decide the best Atoto stereo receiver you can use to get more benefits.

Atoto S8 Standard Review

This receiver has a camera with up to 178 degrees angle. The manufacturer adds an IPS display screen to improve the quality of the images during the day. It was also useful to see the navigation prompts brighter than on traditional display screens.

The images are not only bright but also natural just like the real colors. Atoto develops a feature that allows its users to use up to 24 functions that are matching with the steering wheel audio key. That’s why Atoto S8 Standard is compatible with six touch gestures. Drivers don’t have to lose their focus because they only have to use a two or three-finger tap on the screen. This action leads to entering multi menus immediately.

It works effectively when you want to adjust the brightness and other adjustments. Just like other Atoto products, the S8 version is also compatible with all vehicles with double-IDN dashboards. You can also use this device to see the surroundings while parking or reserving your vehicle. Thanks to the HD 720p rear-view video display and live rear-view feature that makes parking so easy. It is okay to access social media accounts because this device protects it with a personal privacy protection system to prevent any identity theft issue.

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Atoto S8 Standard Pros and Cons

  • It uses the latest technology to control the features without losing driving focus.
  • The viewing angle is wider.
  • It is useful a lot for drivers who often have difficulty parking their vehicles.
  • Some users have to reboot several times after formatting an SD card.

Atoto S8 Ultra Review

How about S8 Ultra? Is it better than Atoto S8 Pro? Check the review below before comparing Atoto S8 Pro vs Atoto S8 Ultra. In general, the Atoto S8 Ultra specifications are similar to the Atoto S8 Standard. For example, this device uses the latest QLED display screen that supports the LED backlight LCD technology.

The screen produces clear and sharp images even if you see them at a glance. The color is also natural and bright just like the real ones. Atoto also uses up to 178 degrees angles to accommodate a wider viewing experience. It allows drivers to see the surroundings to prevent any accident on the road. Atoto seems to know the benefit of using the hand gesture recognition feature for its products.

It helps drivers to control and adjust the features easier without losing their driving focus.

Atoto is not only concerned with the visual but also the audio. It is the reason why this device is using a Toshiba pre-amplifier to accommodate its performance. The different between Atoto S8 Standard and Atoto S8 Pro is on its RMS. The Atoto S8 Pro uses a built-in Max 4*49W amplifier with RMS 4*29W. On the other hand, the Atoto S8 Standard uses a 4*45W amplifier with RMS 4*24W.

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Atoto S8 Ultra Pros and Cons

  • It gives vivid images so drivers can see it even at a glance.
  • The hand gesture recognition feature helps a lot to adjust the features.
  • It gives extra protection to those who often access social media accounts.
  • Some users often have to reboot after formatting the SD card.

Which is Better, Atoto S8 Standard or Atoto S8 Ultra?

Atoto S8 Ultra offers better features and performance. It gives vivid images on the screen.

Drivers can also adjust the features just like what they want immediately without disturbing their focus. You don’t need to think about the types of cars because it is compatible with all double-IDN dashboard vehicles.

You can compare the Atoto S8 Standard vs Atoto S8 Ultra above to get the best option. The best option leads you to more benefits.