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Atoto S8 Premium vs Atoto S8 Pro Review: Pros and Cons

You may want to add an Atoto S8 Premium stereo receiver to your vehicle. Suddenly, you get confused because of seeing the Atoto S8 Pro. You may wonder which one of these two devices is better to use. The Atoto S8 Premium vs Atoto S8 Pro review below can give you an answer.

Atoto S8 Premium Review

Atoto S8 Premium gives you a great viewing experience with the use of a 1280×720 QLED display screen. The manufacturer chooses this screen to improve the LED backlight. As a result, the red, green, and blue light look so pure.

The colors of the images are also clear, sharp, and vivid. This device will also help drivers to see up to 178 degrees angle to drive safer. Atoto cares about your focus while driving. That’s why this brand supports the S8 Premium with up to 24 functions that most drivers use. It includes six touch gestures that support two or three fingers tapping on the screen.

You can launch the menu you want to use right away without losing your driving focus. The system allows you to split the screen to run navigation maps while activating another app on the screen at once. The audio quality of this product is also outstanding with Toshiba preset amplifier. The audio that comes from this device will be more natural and clearer due to the precise equalization.

Parking is easier after installing this device. The HD 720p rearview video and virtual surround-view parking allow you to see the surroundings to safely adjust your vehicle. Best of all, Atoto S8 Premium is compatible with most vehicles that have standard double-DIN dashboard openings.

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Atoto S8 Premium Pros and Cons

  • The image quality on the screen is outstanding.
  • It is effectively helping drivers to park their cars safely.
  • Drivers can operate this device without losing their driving focus.
  • A minor problem when users insert a micro-SD card into this receiver.

Atoto S8 Pro Review

How about S8 Pro?

Read the S8 Pro review here and compare the Atoto S8 Premium vs Atoto S8 Pro to get the best one to use. The Atoto S8 Pro uses the latest UI that makes it more comfortable and functional for Android users.

The manufacturer also supports this device with several features, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a USB Tethering connection. This device even has dual Bluetooth for multi-connections with phones and other devices at once. The Bluetooth signal is also stronger because of the enhanced codec.

This technology allows you to hear the smallest details in the audio you listen to from this device. S8 Pro also has a built-in phone integration link that is compatible with wired Android Auto and wired or wireless CarPlay connection. You don’t have to lose your driving focus only to adjust the volume because it has an SCVS or Speed Compensated Volume Control feature. This feature will automatically adjust the volume of the vehicle based on the speed.

Just like the Atoto S8 Premium version, Atoto S8 Pro is also compatible with most vehicles with a double-DIN car stereo dashboard. There is also personal privacy protection to protect Google, Facebook, and other SNS accounts from identity theft issues.

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Atoto S8 Pro Pros and Cons

  • It is more comfortable for Android users and makes it easy to control.
  • The images on the screen are outstanding.
  • It gives more protection to Google, Facebook, and other SNS accounts.
  • It seems that this device is unstable and users need to reboot too often.

Which is Better, Atoto S8 Premium or Atoto S8 Pro?

Atoto S8 Pro is better than Atoto S8 Premium. It uses the latest technology that allows Android users easily to control the features. The features are also valuable and effective enough to boost the performance of the car, especially the safety and comfort. The extra protection is also effective to secure your social media accounts. It is crucial if you often access social media accounts in the car. You can use the Atoto S8 Premium vs Atoto S8 Pro above to decide your best option.