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ATOTO A6 vs ATOTO S8 Review: Pros and Cons

Infotainment is one of the most important parts of modern car interiors. So, it is not bad to upgrade it with a more sophisticated product. This way, you may just want to stay longer inside. One of the brands with recommended car entertainment and navigation displays is ATOTO. Some display products are considered the best, including the two to explain below.

ATOTO A6 Review


ATOTO A6 has a square shape, making it look simple and minimalist. If your car has the same design and idea also, this display is suitable. This series provides 5 types of front panel sizes. They are 173mm, 205mm, 7 in select VW specific, and Ultra 10.1 inch. Some of them are only compatible with specific cars.


The product is developed and produced to be widely used in various types of cars. Meanwhile, it is also compatible with some operating systems; they are Android Marshmallow and above. You can customize the display more easily particularly in terms of layout.

Additionally, the features applied to the display are also based on vehicle entertainment including FM/ AM Radio, AUX Backup Camera Input, Bluetooth, Steering Wheel Key Control, and more. Particularly for the Factory Steering Wheel Key Control, it is based on resistive signal input. The WiFi reception is very sensitive and it works properly.

Dual Bluetooth works as the BT call and A2DP playback and it connects to the phone’s tethering internet and Bluetooth gamepad/ mouse/ OBD. When you first use it, Google Maps may not be installed. So, you need to download it first.

You can also download and install offline map data if you prefer a navigation system without the internet. It also features an unlimited Micro USB Drive and Micro SD storage supported. You should not worry, when there is a firmware update, ATOTO A6 will inform you quickly.

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ATOTO A6 Pros and Cons

  • ATOTO A6 is great in terms of sound quality, video quality, GPS accuracy, and Bluetooth connection.
  • The Wi-Fi adapter is weak and it makes the connection really slow sometimes.

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ATOTO S8 Review


In terms of design, ATOTO S8 may not be so much different from ATOTO A6. It is square, compact, and simple. At the same time, it is lightweight and easy to install in your car’s interior. There are some components included in this product. They are System Firmware Based On, Display Screen, Phone Quick Charge, Built-in Preamplifier, and more.


The product is claimed to be the new generation of Android car stereo. It is based on Intel’s 14 nm process that provides higher efficiency and lower consumption. Besides, it is also empowered with the architecture of the Octa-Core processor that is known to have high performance.

Additionally, the customization is done based on Android Oreo. 6 touch gestures support two or three figures. This way, you can tap the display and the response can come more quickly. Some activities to do on the screen are presetting 9 EQ modes; adjust the screen brightness and more.

Dual Bluetooth connectivity is added with chips inside that allow ATOTO S8 to do multi-connections with phones and other devices. Streaming wired quality sound can be done only with a phone that supports features like Bluetooth and aptX.

It also applies the latest QLED display, a quantum film LED-backlit LCD technology that enables the improvement of color effects. Since the firmware system updates are informed quickly, you can update it and enjoy features anytime you want.

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ATOTO S8 Pros and Cons

  • The product has complete features as well as it is very easy to use. it is compatible with many types of cars also.
  • The problem comes from the external USB in which it only can play music off a flash drive several times after the product is set up.

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Which is better, ATOTO A6 or ATOTO S8?

ATOTO S8 has more features than ATOTO A6, making it slightly better. It is reasonable since the S8 series is the enhancement of A6. However, the problem that comes from music playing using an external USB makes it less good. Therefore, in terms of performance, ATOTO A6 is better anyway.