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Atoto A6 vs Atoto F7 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

If you are among people who love to replace your car’s built-in stereo with an aftermarket alternative, this Atoto A6 vs Atoto F7 should help you make the right decision. Both stereo receivers come from the same maker, but they have some differences that can be real deal-deciders.

When you buy a new stereo receiver, you want it to be compatible with all the technologies that your car use. If you also use a smartphone, you also want the receiver to be compatible with your phone too. Let’s look into both stereo receivers’ features and see which one matches your lifestyle, devices, and car.

Atoto A6 Review

Atoto A6 is a versatile stereo receiver that connects to your phone, to your car, and the internet easily and quickly. It accommodates the essential car-related functionalities of your phone and car excellently.

With complete connectivity features, excellent phone and car integration, and features that improve your car’s functionality and safety levels, Atoto A6 can be the best stereo receiver for your car.

Atoto A6 Features

Some features that Atoto A6 offers to its users are quite notable. The 7-inch display has native 600p resolution that allows all the touchscreen buttons to appear sufficiently big and discernible on the screen. The display uses IPS technology that ensures a wide viewing angle. Whether you are a driver or a passenger sitting at the front or rear seat, you can always see what’s displayed on the screen with no trouble.

Atoto A6 uses Android OS, so it’s possible to install compatible apps on it. The Play Store app is readily accessible on the screen. It can also mirror what’s displayed on your phone using the built-in EasyConnect app.

Atoto A6 includes built-in GPS, but if you want to use the more familiar Apple CarPlay or Android Auto functionalities, which also include GPS, you can easily connect your smartphone to this stereo receiver to use the relevant car dashboard app.

It’s thus up to you whether to use Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, the stereo receiver’s GPS, or its mirroring ability.

The biggest advantage of this stereo receiver is its generous connectivity features. Besides the standard connection to your car’s infotainment system, it also supports a Wi-Fi connection that allows a direct internet connection. Besides using Wi-Fi, it also connects to the internet using Bluetooth and USB tethering.

With its Android operating system, its support of third-party apps, and direct connection to the internet, it can function as a standalone multifunctional stereo receiver even if you don’t connect it to your smartphone.

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Atoto A6 Pros and Cons

  • Ability to be a standalone receiver or work in tandem with a smartphone
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB tethering capability
  • Android OS-based stereo receiver
  • Built-in microphone to receive calls and commands
  • Slow 1-GB RAM not suitable for 2021 Android operation
  • Weak Wi-Fi adapter and GPS
  • A limited number of compatible apps
  • Lackluster EasyConnect app

Atoto F7 Review

Atoto F7 is a Linux-based stereo receiver that works excellently if you pair it with your smartphone. It is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can make your car smarter with this stereo receiver planted in its dashboard. Let’s take a look at what features it offers to its users.

Atoto F7 Features

Atoto F7 is designed to work only with a smartphone attached to it. It lacks some basic smart features like GPS, Wi-Fi connection, and Android OS. Its Linux operating system is useful only to make the device operable when no smartphone is attached to it.

Despite this otherwise fettering weakness, Atoto F7 is remarkably reliable and it has all the most essential features to be a functional, if not multifunctional, stereo receiver. Some features make it worth purchasing.

To start with, it uses a clear IPS display with a wide viewing angle. Its 600p resolution might not be the best, but it successfully keeps the displayed image sufficiently clear and crisp. The touch feature is also responsive, allowing you to access all smart features of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto quickly.

Atoto F7 connects to your smartphone using a USB cable that is permanently attached to the unit’s back. It can be annoying and visually unappealing, but if you don’t mind seeing the dangling cable, the unit is just perfect.

Atoto F7 also offers an excellent multimedia feature, allowing you to play your favorite music and movies from an SD card, USB stick, Bluetooth-connected devices, and even your classic AV-connected DVD player. It also connects to your rear camera and can display HD video, which makes parking a safe and easy procedure.

All of the aforementioned features are considered essential to make a stereo receiver work and Atoto F7 has all of them. If you don’t mind sacrificing luxury features like Android OS, Wi-Fi connection, and third-party apps on your dashboard device, you can find Atoto F7 a reliable unit

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Atoto F7 Pros and Cons

  • A sufficiently reliable device to be a working stereo receiver with basic features
  • More robust and reliable AutoLink app
  • USB, Bluetooth, and SD-card multimedia connections
  • Fast boot and responsive operation
  • Non-detachable rear USB cable
  • No built-in Wi-Fi and microphone (external microphone needed)
  • Linux operating system with no possibility to install third-party apps

Difference between Atoto A6 and Atoto F7?

Both devices can work with no phone attached to them; however, while Atoto A6 has all the built-in components to be a standalone device, such as Wi-Fi and Android OS, Atoto F7 is designed more to rely on an attached smartphone, hence the permanently attached rear USB cable.

Apart from that general difference, the two products are practically the same. If you attach your smartphone to them, you can hardly see the difference, except the F7’s hanging cable and some other trivial and ignorable features, such as the F7’s lack of a built-in microphone and connection to the front camera. So, what can be the deal-decider here? Let’s look into which one of the two products is better.

Which is Better, Atoto A6 or Atoto F7?

Atoto A6 seems to be a more advanced product with the ability to be a standalone device; however, this doesn’t make Atoto F7 an inferior stereo. Despite the A6’s apparent independence, it can work optimally only if attached to a smartphone. A6 only has 1 GB of RAM and a limited number of compatible third-party apps, so if you want it to serve in 2021, you ultimately have to connect it to your phone.

Because both stereo receivers are practically useful only if you connect them to your smartphone, you may prefer buying a stereo receiver that doesn’t include the extra unnecessary features that you will ultimately not use. Based on this assumption, Atoto F7 with its lackluster yet efficient features can be a better device in the Atoto A6 vs Atoto F7 duel.