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ATOTO A6 Pro vs XTRONS Review: Pros and Cons

ATOTO A6 Pro vs XTRONS – which one is the best? When it comes to car stereo navigators, car enthusiasts might have acquainted with those brands.

Human experience with technology has hugely changed from time to time. The presence of a navigation system that is integrated into the android smartphone is another huge experience everyone couldn’t resist.

ATOTO A6 Pro Review


ATOTO A6 Pro comes in 4 different models such as the starter, standard, premium, and pro. Other than using the navigation function, drivers can use the internet and browse through the phone whether it is an Android phone or an iOS one. Promoting versatility, the device fits nicely with any car model.


The most impressive thing presented by ATOTO A6 Pro in this ATOTO A6 Pro vs XTRONS article is the fast access. The booting process only takes less than two seconds. Until today, car navigation stereos need around 20 seconds to boot.

This fast access gives a head start for ATOTO A6 Pro after all. In case the car is parked for more than 7 days, the device will turn itself off.

The device also comes with the best dual-band Wi-Fi as well as wireless hotspot tethering. Navigating through the roads while streaming the favorite radio won’t be an issue anymore. ATOTO A6 Pro also allows drivers to check emails from time to time hassle-free.
When the phone’s battery got drained easily, the USB charging port equipped with this device will fix that issue. The port’s 2A fast charge feature allows users to charge their phones quickly.

Gesture control might be another interesting thing about this device. Driving on a busy road may require a lot of focus while gesture control allows the driver to lower the volume or control the music while ensuring safe driving.

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ATOTO A6 Pro Pros and Cons

  • ATOTO A6 Pro features excellent sound and easy assembly.
  • The build is not the best part of this device.

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If the car is Honda Accord then XTRONS Android 10.0 would fit well. Using the latest android operating system, this navigation device would tackle any type of road easily. The interface is modern yet intuitive so everyone can use this device easily.


Besides using the latest android operating system, the device comes with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. It allows the user to get an exciting experience without glitches at all.

The device is also compatible with almost any Bluetooth device. Using phone services while driving won’t be a problem anymore yet promoting safe driving in the first place.

Even though the device specifically states “android” on its name, it is compatible with iOS phones as well. Streaming music from various streaming apps will come in handy.

Also, users can navigate the device even at night since it comes in a backlit display. Extracting data from the computer is another feature offered by XTRONS to compete in the ATOTO A6 Pro vs XTRONS.

This feature allows users to assess the car status. Here is also where the drive checks the steering wheel controls for safety.

The IPS panel can be adjusted easily while it comes with excellent dual entertainment. XTRONS is more than a navigation device as long as the user knows this machine thoroughly.

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XTRONS Pros and Cons

  • Coming with the latest Android OS, XTRONS offers versatile yet fast navigation.
  • The device doesn’t provide an excellent experience of Wi-Fi connection while the internet might be slow.

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Which is Better, ATOTO A6 Pro or XTRONS?

Between ATOTO A6 Pro and XTRONS, there are pros and cons which only each device owns. After assessing the pros and cons as well as the quick review stated below, the ATOTO A6 Pro wins several things. And this is the end section of the ATOTO A6 Pro vs XTRONS.