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ATOTO A6 Pro vs JOYING Review: Pros and Cons

This article will mainly focus on ATOTO A6 Pro vs JOYING. Since car navigation stereos are a complex yet clever tool, it is essential to know which one is the best. Also, there are a lot of brands sold on the market. Each product surely has its best and worst parts, which will be discussed below.

ATOTO A6 Pro Review


According to many reviews, ATOTO A6 Pro is one of a kind. It provides a gesture control feature that allows the user to focus on the road while taking care of the navigation. Coming with 4 USB slots, users can add as much external storage as needed easily.


In this ATOTO A6 Pro vs JOYING comparison, ATOTO A6 Pro shows off its hand gesture recognition feature. It allows the user to access the system and operate apps through the system easily. A specific installation might be needed to activate this feature. More than anything, this feature makes ATOTO A6 Pro stand out in the crowd.

The device is designed to work in any vehicle. The size fits well into almost all cars without extra trimming, cutting, and other hassles. Installing cameras on the dashboard and rear would be a good idea for better aid.

Navigating the phone through this device is also a fun thing to do. Its EasyConnect app allows users to access their phones without looking at their phones.

Charging through ATOTO A6 Pro is also an easy task. Its 2A charging port allows quick charging. As a powerful assistant, this device now comes with four USB ports.

Its built-in microphone allows an easier process to make phone calls while on the road. Sending texts while driving is not a problem at all since the driver can take advantage of the voice-command feature.

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ATOTO A6 Pro Pros and Cons

  • The microSD slots can read up to 256GB.
  • Even though users can send texts through the voice command, voice dialing isn’t part of the feature.

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JOYING is another brand that competes in the android navigator market. What makes this device stand out among other brands is its sim card slot. The presence of this thing allows users to surf the internet easily and hassle-free. It is similar to operating a tablet but the tablet can act as an excellent navigator.


As has been mentioned earlier, JOYING is equipped with a sim card slot. This allows the user to surf the web and other apps through the device easily. A hotspot connection is also available in case the user wants to connect the device to the Wi-Fi.

The presence of the sim card slot also allows the user to download and operate various apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, and many more. Its hi-res LCD touchscreen makes all processes more enjoyable. Managing the apps while driving safely can be done at the same time.

Handsfree calling is another feature offered by JOYING to compete in the ATOTO A6 Pro vs JOYING comparison. Users can also navigate apps from the smartphone through this device.

The key forte of JOYING is the steering wheel control issue. The device also supports split-screen and dash cameras. Charging the phone is also easy by using the USB charging port attached to the device. The DSP or Digital Signal Processor provides powerful processing especially while accessing maps.

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JOYING Pros and Cons

  • Fast booting, handsfree calling, and steering wheel control as its forte keys.
  • Doesn’t support calls while using the 4G modules. No video outputs.

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Which is Better, ATOTO A6 Pro or JOYING?

ATOTO and JOYING have a few things in common. Still, some aspects differentiate one brand from another. If users look for a device that can boot fast, excellent network connectivity, and integrated maps, ATOTO A6 Pro is the winner of the ATOTO A6 Pro vs JOYING.