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ATOTO A6 Pro vs ATOTO S8 Review: Pros and Cons

It seems not complete to have a trip with a car without enjoying music and other things available in the infotainment system. Although the system has been available originally from the car company, sure, you can just upgrade it. It is by buying a display independently. Some recommendations come from ATOTO, they are ATOTO A6 Pro and ATOTO S8.

ATOTO A6 Pro Review


ATOTO A6 Pro is suitable for users who look for a car entertainment display with a simple layout and interface. There are only some buttons around the screen to enable you to turn on, turn off, and manage the volume.

Meanwhile, the screen itself is quite wide making you feel more comfortable operating the device. It is available in black anyway.


Although the product is developed to be compatible with almost all types of cars, the operating system is limited. It works more stably only on smartphones with Android Marshmallow and above. But in case your Android version is lower than that, you should not worry. The product can still be optimized and customized to make it work better in vehicles. There are also many vehicle-based features including FM/ AM Radio, AUX/ Backup Camera Input, Bluetooth, Steering Wheel Key Control without DVD, or CD player.

The Factory Steering Wheel Key Control is based on the resistive signal input. This way, WiFi Reception, and Built-in microphones can work better. Compared with the previous series from ATOTO, those items are indeed improved in the A6 series.

Dual Bluetooth Connectivity is available to work as Bluetooth Call and also it connects to the phone’s tethering ethernet. But when you are using the display for the first time, you will not find Google Maps on it. Yes, you must install it by yourself. It is possible also to install an offline map for navigation without the internet.

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ATOTO A6 Pro Pros and Cons

  • The product is good. Almost all features work well including sound quality, Bluetooth connection, GPS Accuracy, video, and more.
  • The problem is placed on the very weak WiFi adapter. Meanwhile, the East Connection feature means nothing.

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ATOTO S8 Review


There are not so many differences between the design of ATOTO A6 and S8. It still features a widescreen with some buttons around. But on the S8 series, the button is only placed on the left side of the screen.

On the lower side, there is only the brand name. The color is black and the overall design is quite compact and stylish.


ATOTO S8 is one of the product series from ATOTO with the new generation of Android Car Stereo. It is based on Intel’s 14 nm process that features higher efficiency but with lower consumption. To make the product have higher performance, it also works along with Android Oreo.

Additionally, the entertainment display features a Built-in powerful pre-amplifier from Toshiba with higher RMS power output. There are 6 touch gestures available that support 2 or 3 figures. It makes you quickly do some activities on it including entering the multi-task menu, switching the modes, adjusting screen brightness, and more.

The feature of Dual Bluetooth Connectivity is still available here. It is in the form of chips inside to enable multi-connections with phones and other devices. One of the Bluetooth series used, BT1 comes with a Qualcomm aptX codec feature to stream quality sound wirelessly. Additionally, it applies the latest QLED display, a quantum film LED with backlit LCD technology.

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ATOTO S8 Pros and Cons

  • The product offers many features and the newest technology, making it compatible with many new car products even more. Meanwhile, it is also easy to use.
  • Managing the radio is quite difficult. For example, you need to press the button many times just to mute it.

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Which is better, ATOTO A6 Pro or ATOTO S8?

Although ATOTO S8 is better than the A6 series for many new features, the performance seems to be lower. There are some problems when operating it including when playing music and radio. Therefore, it seems that ATOTO A6 Pro is a worthier buy.