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Asustor AS6404T vs Synology DS918+ Review: Pros and Cons

As we know, Asustor has become one of the companies that successfully develop into one of the most significant vendors of NAS, recently. Having the purpose of being the most reliable generation of NAS platforms, Asustor just launched its product called Asustor AS6404T.

Then, what if it is compared to the Synology DS918+? Read the complete review on Asustor AS6404T vs. Synology DS918+ as follows.

Asustor AS6404T Review

  • Design

This generation of the Asustor is 17 centimeters wide, and 18.6 centimeters in height, with a depth of 23 centimeters.

Many people argue that Asustor AS6404T comes with a design that focuses more on convenience. It is shown by the availability of four disk rays that are quite accessible, and easy to be unlatched just by pressing a single button.

  • Features

This 4-bay NAS is made mostly of a steel frame as its shell. Behind the device, you will be able to find plenty of ports that make the device looks more like a computer rather than a storage device. It is not surprising since AS6404T is produced to operate as a media center system.

To maximize its performance and load balancing, you can configure the available connections. Talking about the power supply, AS6404T is powered by an external brick with 12 volts and 7.5A of current. It will automatically mean that this device is supported by a 90-watt power supply.

Besides, equipped with an Intel Celeron Processor with a 1.5 GHz capacity, this new generation of Asustor is claimed to shave 30% better performance than the previous generation.

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Asustor AS6404T Pros and Cons

  • Asustor AS6404T is equipped with 4 GigaByte memory, that can be upgraded up to 8 GigaBytes.
  • It can allow you to resize the application window. This will make it easier for you to read a particular file with such a long name.
  • The menus on the LCD panels are easy to access, thanks to four buttons alongside the menus.
  • The metal lid can easily bend since it comes with a wafer-thin design.
  • The external power brick of the Asustor AS6404T should be carefully secured because many users claim that they often pull the plug out of the tiny socket accidentally.

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Synology DS918+ Review

  • Design

The design of the Synology DS918+ is not changed much, compared to its predecessor, the DS916+. However, the minimum change in the model does not mean that there is no change in the performance and features, as well.

The NAS does, indeed, keep placing a USP 3.0 port and LED indicators on the front part of the device, similar to what the NAS does to its predecessor. On the device’s back, you can see that there are two fans (120mm large) that are responsible to keep the machine fresh.

  • Features

The drive trays of this disk station are claimed to be easily removed. When you put all of the drive trays off, you will be able to get access to the memory slots quickly. It is very convenient since you do not have to take the device box apart at any time you want to change the RAM.

For the storage space, you can get 48 TeraBytes in total; it means that each driver will provide you 12 terabytes of memory.

Do you think that it is still not enough for you? Then you can even add more space by utilizing the eSATA port.

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Synology DS918+ Pros and Cons

  • The drive trays can be effortlessly removed.
  • The memory slots are easy to access.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of sharing networks.
  • The speed to read and write the data is considered slow.
  • It is quite noisy while working.

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Based on the review on Asustor AS6404T vs. Synology DS918+, it can be inferred that for small business use, Asustor AS6404T might be the right choice, since it can provide excellent performance for you. However, if you want to have a device for personal use, the Synology DS918+ might be more recommended.

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