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Asustor AS5202T vs Synology DS218+ Review: Pros and Cons

Many people compare Asustor AS5202T Vs Synology DS218+. They have their own pros and cons so that it is very important to look at their reviews in more detail. In this article, we will discuss them further focusing on their designs and features. Now, let’s pay attention to the following explanations.

Asustor AS5202T Review


Starts from its design, this device comes with a compact design. It also looks modern and stylish. This device is designed not to have 1GbE ports but it comes with 2.5GbE ports. Even though there is no specialty of the design, everyone will not be disappointed with it.


This device features the same diamond-cut aesthetics as the previous model but it comes with new red detailing. It has top & bottom flashes for the power button panel & labels. They come with red LEDs. The next best feature is the Asustor Data Master (ADM). It is easy & fast to install. You can straight forward to navigate it around. So, it can be used easily even by first-time users.

App Central also belongs to the key features available. In addition, it supports the Btrfs file system that brings Snapshot support & better data protection. The next feature is an HDMI 2.0 port that supports 4K media. Next, it features a real performance boost on HDMI 1.4b.

Even more, it introduces a new HVAC/VP9 10bit Profile2 encoding engine that performs a trick to provide smoother video streaming & playback. Furthermore, it can reduce CPU usage and supports Plex Pass and 3rd-party media players. One more, it comes with 32TB internal storage memory. This capacity is more than enough to store your important data.

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Asustor AS5202T Pros and Cons

  • 2.5GbE ports
  • 4K 60fps support
  • ADM O/S
  • No PCIe slot to upgrade

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Synology DS218+ Review


At a glance, its design is not like the typical Synology design. This one has a more modern design so that it looks stylish. It comes with stunning curves as well as edges that add attractiveness. It is also excellent with premium material.


This device is appropriate for you who want remarkable network-attached storage for a home or small business use. It features 2 GB RAM. You can expand it up to 6GB. Besides that, it also comes with a powerful processor: 2.0 GHz dual-core. This processor is paired with an AES-NI hardware encryption engine that ensures your data safety. This device is appropriate for a small business as it can handle an intense workload.

About the reading & writing speed, it offers 113 MB per second as well as 112 MB per second respectively. With this NAS, you can backup data efficiently. In addition, it is also featured with Quick Connect. This feature is very useful to save your data on the storage in the device. Overall, the features are complete enough and they will be able to meet your needs. With all the great features offered, this device will be compatible with its rivals. Anyway, what makes it interesting is not the outside design. However, it is even more impressive when you look at the inside of the device.

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Synology DS218+ Pros and Cons

  • Dual-core 2.0 GHz processor
  • Expandable RAM up to 6GB
  • More modern design
  • 4K transcoding capability
  • No lockable tray panel
  • LAN port only

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Which Is Better, Asustor AS5202T or Synology DS218+?

After comparing the review of both NAS, now you can make a decision. Synology DS218+ looks better but Asustor AS5202T can also be a good idea because of some reasons. Anyway, both of them perform great and you will not be disappointed to choose one of them.

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